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10/27/2011 8:01:00 PM
My Haiku's Sitting on the porch
listening to a robin
singing from afar
washed in
winter starlight
brushed by barren boughs
september leaves painted in
the blush afterglow
can you hear the
flowers laughing?
i could sit for hours
chatting with the trees about
how the stars once ruled
a falling snowstar:
another, then another--
I wish for flowers
--the trees turn to black
--no swallowsong to hear
cloudkisses on a
Tulip-freckled cheek
petals smear the grass
watching the clouds turn
from pearl white to sullen black
cherry blossoms smile
mid-day: I spot a
rainbow smiling from afar--
damn, I need that gold!
sleepy meadow. . .
a gentle breeze drops
dandelion snow
dew pearls strewn across
a field of verdant spring grass,
glinting at sunrise
tumbleweeds looking
for a shady place to rest
a lone mesquite brush
crisp leaves rustling in
the breeze down a twilit road--
summer's requiem
stars and flowers paint
the sky with their blood
in twilight warfare
flock calls echo from
afar searching for someone
to tell knock knock jokes
in the miasma
of ash, I see a face--
our mother
10/27/2011 8:03:25 PM
poets these days poets these days
always using words that no one really knows
words that no one really even needs to know
theyre constantly alluding to god knows what
in an attempt to thumb their pseudo-elitis noses at the
bukowski's standing beside the red wheelbarrow drinking beer
an intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way
an artist says a hard thing in a simple way
but what do i know, im drunk
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