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4/8/2011 6:10:05 PM
hi Hi,

New here. Was looking around the net for a poetry chat. I wasn't having much luck with rooms with people in the. I guess I'll have to stick to forums. I was looking for inspiration from others. I'm 33 my name is Sarah. I have had 3 poetry books published. Sometimes I go through those periods of getting stuck and not able to write like I use to. It doesn't flow as much as it use too. Sometimes if I meet the right people I can just run with words and the poems just flow and it's amazing. I'm only writing for myself and as a hobbie for now. My publisher didn't market my books and I didn't make much money at all and I just write as part of a healing of life or that is how I see it. My work is a part of who I am it is the experiences in life that I have lived through.

5/9/2011 10:02:12 PM
hi everyone i go through periods. sometimes just not inspired. depends on what is going on with my life and what i am experiencing. i just started a new relationship with a friend of mine who is also a poet and he has inspired me a great deal but im stuck on writing about love and i feel like im digging it in the ground. sometimes my poems are short and i cant seem to lengthen them but thats my style. sarah
5/10/2011 10:25:41 AM
Just Another day I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend today and he has the 24 hour bug. I feel needy which isn't the greatest charateristic to have. In my last relationship that is what broke up apart it seemed. My boyfriend doesnt seem to mind me calling alot and stuff. I enjoy his company. He is a poet like myself and inspires me greatly. I just was hoping to have a wonderful day in this sunshine with him before the rain. I went to my fav japanese steak house though it doesn't agree with me. It also makes me happy lol. So i'm going to write and do other things that make me happ and realize he's sick and hope he gets better soon and thurs or friday is just a couple days away.

5/10/2011 6:12:41 PM
so sleepy i have written 36 poems today on here. I think im about to go blind. And im exhausted. So about to say goodnight. I hope I can fall asleep. I have difficult sleeping because I have racing thoughts due to being bipolar. Its only 911pm. Well I do enjoy it here. I wish more were in chat to chat with. I wrote a little in the workshop chat by myself and then posted it. Well inspiration my lovely poets till we meet again.

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