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2/6/2011 4:26:35 AM
Hello New to poetry and also to Poetry soup Good day, about a week ago a friend said i should write my anger, sadness, happiness out in poems. Or general writing... I have, and have posted on facebook, and also started a group on facebook. I actually have my old english teacher as a friend on FB, and he said my poems are excellent. Suprised me a lot. So I thought i'd venture out a little more and see what I could find. Please take a look at my poems, on 2 so far that i've put in, many more to come. Positive or negative feed back would be appreciated. For the simple fact, I truely don't know really how poetry goes, what type of poems i am posting etc. :s Sorry but its the truth. Feedback is all i'm after, and getting more into poetry. 31 years old, better later than never right?
2/8/2011 1:16:59 AM
Your words... I hate your words!!! This is the 3rd poem i've ever written, just started. Pick it apart, good, bad and the ugly... plz! thx

listen to the words

of this reality

chirps from the birds

of my own sancity

i feel provoked

with them mocking

i don't feel stoked

but sit back rocking

i hate the feeling

the anger i encounter

so hard fought dealing

like an out of towner

i grit my teeth

and close my eyes

i am beneath

these white lies

they think they're smart

but seen right thru

a cold bloody heart

i'll make due

i'll show them honesty

you'll never see

what is untrusty

is you to me

again i think

of why they want this

but brought down to ink

is how it is

the only way to deal

of the hand i've been dealt

just hope to heal

this hell i've felt
2/10/2011 9:44:01 PM
poetry not my forte tied tightly to my chair

i sit and wait

losing all my hair

not feeling the hate

just what i was

what i could be

past is all a fuzz

in life i can see

where i should be

overcoming simple obstacles

in time a spectacle

if ever i saw a chance

with doubts of true happiness

i shall never dance

in the life of unfaithfulness

i could

i should

i will

i feel ill

my heart bleeds

for what i can't have

all the dirty deeds

my heart is only half

to understand my feelings

you need to know me

my everyday dealings

have brought me down to one knee

all i need is the healings

the touch

the soft voice

is that to much

should i have that choice

the comfort

the loyalty

of not worrying of what might be

just knowing

just trusting

that someone will is showing

how i can be adjusting

to nothing i have ever known

and realize the pain is real

and that i will deal...
2/14/2011 3:43:30 PM
Valentine's Day I sit back and stare
at this world who may not care
about my times of despare
i look and just glare
at what would and should be there
my v day is in repair
countless years of not being able to bare
i write these little poems just to fair
what most take for granted... i declare
todays a day of love and flare
of the ones you cherish and share
the people who mean the most and dare
to have great love and will always be there
some of us realize that they won't always be there
mind sets change and people ware
to look into the past if you dare
to get over all your pain that u bare
would make life a place that you wouldn't compare
happiness with the one you share
that one with smiles and doesn't judge that you scare
for me to look past everything and just spare
the pain i've felt in a time there was too much care
to be stepped upone like i was not there
someday i hope i'll be able to spare
these feelings like no one is there
so v day is a day of becoming aware
of all the pain i've felt and in all i still compare
not what should be done, but i still tear
those pieces from this book, and know i still compare
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