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1/15/2011 12:20:30 PM
New from Arkansas Hi! I'm Trudy (Legend). I've been writing poetry since I was seven. Poetry has helped me to process the pains and triumphs of living. I'm a bit like a cow when it comes to processing information. I take it in, munch on it a bit and spill the digestion of the info on the page. The 1st poem always sux. I meditate on that processed info...then spill forth the further digestion of the same info. The second one is better, but still not what I want to say. Finally, the the breaking it down to its root comes, and with it, understanding. It feels wonderful to "get it." What am I getting at...the systems of the world and how "it" operates.
1/15/2011 12:34:01 PM
BREAKING THE FRAMES They ride around
On lightening bolt brooms
Trying to keep wild colors
Contained in conditioned rooms

They absorb paint
In their frames of wood
Telling the liquid to be images
That are pleasing and good

Outside of the holy walls
Colors run unconstrained
Passion and evil become one
In the life under no restraint

The ungodly paint with sin
The faithful color with virgin oil
Sinners and Saints
Are as different as water and soil

The problem with painting
Has nothing to do with color or line
Faith and fear are exactly the same
In the context of time

The running to and fro
Is always guided by a hand
Faith frees us to God
Fear staples us to man

In the end we know nothing
Of the result we longed to possess
How disappointing for the framlings
Who find their masterpiece has been repossessed

Written by Trudy Schrader some time in 2009

Note: This is the 2nd poem in the breaking down of a concept. It's ok, but the 3rd one is much better. I won't bother with the 1st one...it's hideous.
1/16/2011 2:25:44 PM
Ascending, Condescending, Apprehending
Building up, Tearing down, holding on
Creating, Destroying, Capturing

Standing, Falling, Binding
Pulling up, Pushing down, Putting on
Inventing, Relenting, Preventing

Erecting, Dissecting, Connecting
Rooting up, Cutting down, Latching on
Originating, Imitating, Eliminating

Written by Trudy Schrader
edited by legend on 1/16/2011
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