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1/8/2011 8:03:39 AM
what I write about hey. my name is Caden Jones and everyone who reads my poetry says love poems are my strogest topic. I can write about anything and I like poems that rhyme more than those that don't. I find that when im upset or angry or any other emotion all i have to do is grab a pen some paper and someplace I can think and write about what im feeling. My friends say that when i do that, my poems tend to be better than the ones I write when im just bored.
1/8/2011 8:09:06 AM
Hi I'm new here and new to writing Thats all there is to poetry. Ask anyone who writes it. Chances are they will tell you they write whats in their heart and on their mind. Plus everyone has their own way they like to write their poetry. Just keep doin what ur doin and all will be ok.
1/8/2011 8:23:39 AM
Intro of a New Guy(somewhat) Hey yall. my name is Caden Jones. I live in Cannon County tennessee and have recently graduated Cannon County High School. I have been writing poetry for about two years now and still know little about it. I guess I will learn as time goes on though. Poetry lets me express my self the best. Im very shy so I didnt have very many friends growing up and still dont have very many. I like rhyming poems the best and those who have read my poetry say love poems are my best topic. I am 18 years old and my birthday is July 26. Because of my shyness I have found that poetry lets me express my feelings the best since most things I feel I dont feel comfortable saying aloud. Also I want to thank everyone on Poetrysoup for being so supportive and welcoming to me.
1/10/2011 9:53:58 PM
Talk me out of it Hey. i know all too well the feeling of failure. Im adopted and I never knew my biological family. I have felt all my life that Im just a failure. People made fun of me for the way I act, talk, and basically almost everything I do. I used to ask myself why my biological family didnt want me. I went to a shrink and my parents that apopted me sent me to a residential counseling center where I lived, ate, slept, went to school with, and even had therapy with a different shrink with other kids with the same problems with me. I have anger management and depression issues amoung any others. I admit I have tried to commit suicide many times in my life. But now I realize that doing that isnt the answer. I can give you any advice I can on any question you want to ask me. I am a really good listener, and many times all you need is someone to talk to. If you dont want to talk to me then try to talk to a friend you can trust. Writing poetry helps me express myelf the most but talking to someone who will be there for you to guide you to happiness is a great way to go to. Both have helped me through many trials. Im here to listen to anything you want to say. And that goes for anyone who ever reads this message.
1/17/2011 3:31:59 PM
Finding Kayla Buchannan Hey yall. Its caden Jones. I have an ex named Kayla Buchannan but I dont know if she even remembers me. When we were forced to break up, she gave me her number and street adress but someone "accidentally lost it" while cleaning my room while I was at school (Hi mom if your reading this). Last I knew she lives in West Virginia. If any of you know Kayla or even someone who knows how to get in contact with her please let her know that Caden Jones thinks about her all the time even after all these years and havent dated at all since her. Call me wierd but I still harbor a hope that her and I can be together again someday. Also if possible please send her my Poem entitled "She Was" because its about her. Also please send her my email, which is romeo-44442@myway.com. if anyone knows Ryan Megan Cook, she was a friend of Kayla's so please convey this message to her if you know her.
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1/25/2011 1:00:45 PM
What shall I do? hey, man. Its Caden. Im like raenie and wont pretend to be a love expert but I hace been in your situation quite a few times. I dont know if this is your case but for me it was because I was too shy. The things that had helped me show my feelings in those kind of situations is finding out how to best convey your feelings for her. For me it is writing poetry. Love poems are my strongest topic. Or if you dont like that idea, write a letter to her. Tell her why your in love with her. Maybe she will realize that she should at least think about giving you a chance. And think about her lifestyle. I dont know if your in high school or not, but think about things like popularity, the type of guys she finds attractive (like football players, nerds, geeks, or any other social class) and ask yourself if you fit those attributes. I often tried to date girls that were considered "out of my league". just a few suggestions to try if you want. Who knows? maybe one of them will work for ya? Wish you best of luck, bud.
--Caden Jones
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