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Tywanda - all messages by user

1/9/2012 4:54:31 PM
It's nice to meet you... It's nice to meet anybody. I love to meet people. I love to talk. I don't have many friends, but I am a really neat person to get to know.
1/9/2012 5:06:41 PM
Hey phreepoetree wrote:
you want inspiration?'s a tip.....if you want to make readers wither and wail with the world the way to do it is to take a cadavor dog to the local landfill and have it sniff out the rotting remains of yet another innocent raped, sodomized and slain. As a matter of fact, when the dog signals, take some wildflower seeds and spread them on top of the child's makeshift grave. I'm certain putrified flesh and bone wouldst make an excellent fertilizer. Now that's inspiration to make one grieve. As for inspiration to make people smile, i ask you, after the bi-monthly reality i just described what the hell is there to smile about? Pathtic people are perpetually puking and/or pisssing on this puny planet with a course well planned for madness, mayhem and murder. Who do you know who doesn't, at least one time a day, do something destructive to our atmosphere? your's in peace, pain, poetry, protection and per chance perfection (your perfection of course....the universe knows ain't nothin' perfect about me but for my imperfections) FONDLY ~free cee!~
ORB ~~f!~
1/9/2012 5:11:44 PM
Hey Phreepoetree I thought that was the most horrible things to say to a person. She is obviously trying to accomplish something possible and you just rained on her parade. I know life is hard wake up and smell the roses. I use to be a very bitter person for a lot of reasons, but I woke up this morning that's something to be greatful for.
1/9/2012 5:21:05 PM
Hi fellow poets Hi Brenda I have been on this site almost a year and I love it very much. This is the first poetry site I have ever been on I just google poetry sites and It was there I think It was God he wanted me to be a poetry site that I was comfortable on and around people who are decent. Today I just found out about this part of the site I guess I have not done as much exploring as I have should yet, but believe me I will as much as I can. I don't have a computer of my own, but this site is very important to me so sometimes I do come out in the cold on the bus to go to the library just to get on the computer to come to this site.
1/20/2012 12:34:46 PM
Who I am very nice choice of words and expressions and I can related to alot of your I am's.
1/20/2012 12:59:28 PM
Need Help You are facing alot of hard struggles and dear I don't mean to talk about my struggles,but I want to give you and example of how going through struggles can make u stronger. People would always tell me that before I got to be a more stronger person and I would always get mad at them when they would say that because I did not believe that. You feel so broken down and don't think you will ever have any help and support from anyone. Ms. Lady I felt that so much in my struggles. I have mental Health Issues from life long emotional problems from parents not taking care of me from childhood and it escalated to adulthood. I had to see counselors from childhood all the way till now. I have been in group homes, prison, shelters could not support my 3kids from not having any support from their fathers or anyone else. Abusive relationships, loving the wrong men cause I wanted someone to love me and I had rathered be a abuse man than be alone. I alot of living in Chicago my hometown it was hard for me to keep myself stable, but oh! I loved there. So I finally moved back to where my mothers side of the family lived. I don't like it here but it was safer for my kids at the time. Long story short I lost my 3 beautiful black queens to the system partly my fault for mental health reasons. I was in denial for a while about being sick. Now that they have been gone for 5 years it has been along sad, hurtful, and humbling journey time for me to work on issues. I wish I could get them back but unfortunately DCFS won't give them back to me. So I live with that for the rest of my life but I'm trying my best to do it with the help of my higher power being God. I know people thinks its hard to believe it somethink you can not see of course it is. Things that were happening to me when I was going through couldn't be explained. I didn 't have any family or friends that would help me. So I did not have any choice but to lean on him. He says just try to have faith in him and he will show up in your life sorry for the long reply just hope that I helped you some.
1/24/2012 12:27:41 PM
I just need to talk, but... I need to talk all the time. I talk to counselors and recovery specialist and a psychiatrist all the time. I get tired of that. I want to talk to someone who can maybe relate to me. I just had an idea in my head that would be cool for a person to do with me for them to talk to me in a poetry style way. As a friend or whatever. I have been through any and everything and have seen any and everything so I probably can talk and or relate to whatever anybody wants to talk about. I am a good listener and I love giving advice people have told me that I am good at that. So I am here if anyone wants to give me a chance.
2/6/2012 12:59:16 PM
About Me Lucy Carrillo wrote:
My name is Lucilla Carrillo ( Lucy ) I join Poetry Soup on 01/23/ 12.
I am a widow. I am also a published Author. I have not written in a while.
I just started to write again. I love to read and write poetry. I have only
written a few poems. I hope you will accept me. Lucilla
2/6/2012 1:01:36 PM
About Me I think all of us In the poetry soup would accept you. We are all poets and most of all we understand each other. I think it is such an honor to become an published author. I hope one day I will be an published author.
12/28/2012 1:49:40 PM
Looking for more than what I am finding I feel u all the way. I have not been in the right relationship with the right person yet. I have not found one loving mate yet in all my relationships and I have came to realize I'm not going to meet that right person until I get right.
1/15/2013 4:14:37 PM
To be inspired Anybody who writes inspirational poetry or any poetry that is meanful somebody on poetrysoup will let you know. At least that's been my experience. If no one does you have to know for yourself that what you write is inspirational.
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