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7/18/2010 6:17:01 PM
Thank you... Hi poets,
My name is Mia. This is my first and probably last time in this forum.. Due to.. many things I guess (past experience that only left me bitterly hurt and broken), I have decided not to read comments that I received here in poetrysoup.
But I will try to become more active by randomly read and comment (never criticized though, I don't believe one can judge other's heart when one hardly knew that heart at all). If I like it and I 'feel' something from it, I will say so. I have a tiring disposition that I embrace as a part of me even though that will limit many things in my life, but I'm too tired to have self-hate at this time in my life. Hhahahaha, already done that a long time ago.
So, with this short introduction, I just want to thank you to those who had viewed my poems and leave comments in it. If you really want me to pay you a 'visit', just leave me a message and I will comply as soon as I'm online again (hopefuly no 'hate' mail please). Thank you and I honored the essence in you... 
9/3/2010 5:01:15 PM
Application for poetry If you like to join in, check it out and send me a message on FB. Thanks 
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