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9/18/2010 1:02:42 AM
The Eagle's Flight As soft and gentle as the Eagle flies, it spreads its wing's
through the spacious skies. In it's round about ways it
circles the trees, with a gentle touch of a soft cool breese.

Beneathe it's wings, the wind has caught, and lifts him up
but not alot, for it's up to him to find it's place, or forever
the sky is all but space...

I have the permission of posting this poem on PS. This poem was sent to me originally from
Todd Gilmore of Bunnell Florida
edited by saphire on 9/18/2010
9/18/2010 1:16:00 AM
The True Meaning of FRIEND A FRIEND is someone you can count on who is there for you no matter what comes across in
your life. A FRIEND in my belief, knows you more then your own blood (family). A FRIEND is
there to listen not blab and to lend a shoulder to cry on. A FRIEND is there to bail you out of
trouble if needed, not leave you to stand alone.

As I said, a FRIEND knows you more then your own family but.........what if I was to tell you
that my TRUE, TRUE, I mean down-to-earth, all-around TRUE FRIEND is my own MOTHER?
My mother knows me more then I know myself today. She has always been there for me,
through the good, the bad and the worst. She has never left my side, she is always on call.
She always lends me her shoulder, she knows how to make me laugh, sometimes cry and
yes sometimes she makes me mad or drives me crazy but.....anyone you call a friend can
do all that too. SO, why not have your mother as your best friend?

I was born very small at birth. Some mothers now-a-day(s) would give up on their children
due to complications, the stress, the bills and so-fourth. But not my mother. She stayed by
my side and did her damndest to raise me the best she could. And you know what.......She
did a pretty damn good Freaking job of it. Im smart in my own way, Im very loyal to
everyone I meet, Im kind, sensitive, friendly, polite and easy going. A lot of people assume
(making an a$$ out of them and me-meaning you and me) that Im not that smart at all but
when I was in school, I had many friends that were younger then me. Many of them came to
me with their problems rather than talk to a counselor at school.

You see, I make friends very easy because when they came to me with problems, I gave
them the best advice due to my own experiences. Thats what true friends do as well and my
mother always gave me the best advice based on her own experiences. Why the heck would
anyone go to a counselor and pay bucko bucks for advice when you can get it for free from
someone who's already experienced it and happens to be in front of your very eyes. So I
ask you again, Why Can't Your Mother be Your Best Friend???? She can....if you let her. She
may drive you crazy, she may get you mad, or make you cry but she is always there for
you when ever she's needed. That not only makes a TRUE FRIEND but a REAL MOM and Im
glad I got one in my life.
9/18/2010 1:30:46 AM
My Son I had no choice but to let u go
I had no choice but to see u go
I couldn't take care of u if I could
I had no choice but to let u go
Every day I think of u
Every day I cry for u
Every way my love is true
Every day I feel blue
I wonder if you think of me
I wonder if you still love me
I hope you are happy and true
I wonder if you know I love you
Its going on 4 years now
You are almost 12
Its going on 4 years now
I hope you are doing well
I hope your dad is true to you
I hope he tells you I miss you
I hope your dad doing fine
My love for you is so de vine
Everyone here says I'm wrong
Everyone here says I'm no mom
Giving you up was very hard
Listening to everyone is very hard
I had to do it
You know it be true
I had to do it
But I'll always love you
I couldn't fight
With your father no more
I had to do whats right
Costing us togetherness no more
Its been 4 years now
You look just like me
Its been 4 years now
Im smiling with glee
Your father won't know
This ace up my sleeve
Of us being together
Just you and me
The day will come soon
When we will hold so dear
Eachother's warm embrasse
Dont worry its soon
I love you with all my heart
Hear me my precious one
We will be together again
As mother and son
12/20/2010 6:22:40 PM
The Eagle's Flight Thank you for the gentle critic, I will fix it immediately.
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