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5/7/2012 3:17:58 PM

Josie Whitehead
Posts: 7
I made a website three and a half years ago at the request of the children in my local primary school for whom I wrote a weekly poem. I'd love you to see it, although I'm afraid you can't see all the poems as I have a membership area. I've written somewhere between 850-900 poems and am getting them illustrated with children's artists. Last year the poems went into 188 countries of the world and I am just glad that the children love the poems. I sometimes get asked to do skype visits to their classroom. You cannot believe how nice it is to meet children who are really enjoying the poems you write - and on the other side of the world too. I often write a special poem for the occasion. The last poem was a funny one called "My Warm Woolly Knickers". Here in England, the children would have been giggling just at the title but the children in Wisconsin didn't even smile. I was puzzled until their teacher said they didn't know what "knickers" meant, ha ha. It had never crossed my mind that though we both speak English some words they don't know. Do come and say hello in my guestbook. I love visitors. Thank you so much. Just Google JOSIE'S POEMS.

They say that writing poetry keeps the mind young, but writing poems for children heads that I think.
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