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4/7/2012 6:59:52 PM

christina watson
Posts: 5
I entered one of my poems in a contest before I found this site. It is the one called " She still loves him" and to my surprise it has made the finals. I am very proud of myself for going ahead and following my dreams. It took me awhile to start, but now I can't stop. Unfortunatly it took me loosing 2 very special people in my life to realize how short life is. You are here one day and gone the next. That is when it hit me that I need to share my poetry cause that is my dream. Even if I don;t when the contest, knowing I put my work out there is my proud moment.
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4/8/2012 10:33:38 AM

Gordon McConnell
Posts: 4
Well done, Christina thats great news and really hope you may win. By the way if you are from the UK there poetry contests you can enter at united press.co.uk which I've had a few published with and I'm not great so I'm sure you could do it too.
Keep in touch and keep writting.
Bless you, Gordon
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Forum Home » I just need to talk... » My proud moment....

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