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3/27/2012 11:03:31 AM

Dana S
Posts: 2
This is for anyone who is interested in novel writing.

I have plenty of space in my apartment, my boyfriend and I would provide food and whatnot, though cash donations would be greatly appreciated as a way to assist(any donations will be put toward the next write-in's meal), and if all goes well, we will begin to host regularly. Now, I know that technically this doesn't go on until November, but it doesn't have to be in November. I'd be more than willing to host a write-in at any time. I live in Lake Worth (just inside the Fort Worth city limit but less than a mile from Lake Worth) off of 820 and Hwy 199.

I'd need to know what kind of attendance might be possible, by learning about how many people in the area or nearby would be interested.

Thanks so much!
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