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2/23/2012 7:36:53 PM

debbie wagoner
Posts: 1
Hi everyone I am back after being gone for a long while I have been in the hospital. I have terminal COPD and the outlook isn't good but i have put it in the Lords hands and I am going to try and enjoy the time i have. I want to surround myself with compassionate,caring fun and good people and from what i have read this is the place to be. I hope you will accept me back and want to make friends and write some beauty for the Lord and others.Please let me know if I am correct in my judgement or not I do not have time to wait around I want to share my soul with the world.With love Deb Wagoner

Deb Wagoner
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2/25/2012 11:16:26 PM

Jane Richer
Posts: 8
Hi Debbie, I am fairly new here but you are welcome to share a bench in church with me, this is a wonderful sight filled with people that have the agape love of God and don't care if you are here in sickness or in health! We all love to write and have others read our hopes, dreams, humor, saddness and need others that have a kindred spirit tell us what they think of our writing. I am looking forward to reading your poems! Love Jane
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