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1/27/2012 3:36:36 PM

jennifer spoores
Posts: 1
my name is Jennifer Spoores i am fairly new to this website i love to write i really got started writing when i was 8th grade my 8th grade teacher taught how to channel all my emotions into poetry because i was having a really hard year in school that year. i recently also became the mother of a still born baby boy. in the past couple days my grandmother the one i always turned to for guidance was dig nosed with lung cancer im not currently taking that too well i am hoping here test come back with the result that it hasn't spread any where else. thank you for listening to my story
Jennifer Spoores
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2/21/2012 3:44:30 PM

Gordon McConnell
Posts: 4
HI Jennifer, Thanks for sharing about recent things in your life, it must be very hard but hang in because hopefully thgings will improve, be assured of my prayers for you and your grandmother at this time.
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