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8/15/2021 9:19:56 PM

Violet Phillips
Posts: 1
I wake up to cold coffee every morning
Does he also wake up to cold coffee? Is he still waking up to anything at all?

When we were kids, everything was so innocent
Innocence always leads to dark places, doesn’t it?

I can’t picture the girls who spoke out against him
I can’t picture him breaking the rules of consent, trapping a girl in his room
He wasn’t brought up that way
He was brought up to value equality, expression, maybe girls like me

If these teenage girls are as honest as most teenage girls are, he was never really the boy I thought he was

But My mind can hardly paint that picture, it’s missing the right colors
So all I do is hope he doesn’t die, hope he can somehow feel my wishes all the way from the big Apple and his passion goes back to the theater instead of dying so young

When I was his age, I was swallowed by despair
ANd then I found my way back to poetry
So he can find his way back to the stage, can’t he?

Even if our paths never meet again, am I wrong to want him to repent and redeem?
To find his way back to the brilliant little boy he once was?

As I swallow cold coffee, I realize it’s not the only thing in my life that’s lost its warmth
And maybe someday he can be reheated, if the words against him were false
Maybe he can return to the things that keep his life warm
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8/26/2021 2:12:31 AM

Eduardo Richardson
Posts: 48
How great it is written. I read and everything turns inside me from the pleasure and from the feelings that you conveyed in your text. You are a great fellow and I hope that you will delight us more often with your texts.
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9/19/2021 10:07:31 PM

Twelve Twelve
Posts: 9
Love this. It flows so well and paints such a great picture. The title is excellent, and what drew me to read it.
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