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7/12/2021 10:08:36 AM

Barbara Peckham
Posts: 4
I can't upload a photo for some reason. What and where is the "radio button"? Whom can I contact for a question who might actually ANSWER it?
edited by bardougma on 7/12/2021
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7/15/2021 3:52:15 PM

Nick V.
Posts: 6
I share your frustration with this feature of the site. I've only been successful at adding about 1/6 of a photo. I followed the instructions to crop it, refresh and only 1/6 of the photo (upper left side) appears. I tried this with different photos & in different browsers with similiar results. I wish I could simply delete the partial photo but the site doesn't allow this--one can apparently only add a photo! I mentioned this in another post on the forum and no one has replied. I'm wondering if we can contact the site's admin (if there is one). I find this site very frustrating for a number of reasons.
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9/4/2021 11:16:27 PM

Marikate Kingston
Posts: 1
I am so frustrated as well. Also I don't understand how to submit a poem to a contest without my name on the bottom.
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10/11/2021 9:14:52 AM

Christopher Grieves
Posts: 1
Moi Aussi - some of my poetry is requiring the photo, either because I was inspired by it, or it enhances the medium. I find that nowadays, in the realm of social media, although the craft of words should never be de-valued, a wider audience can be found when we combine with evocative imagery. Unfortunately PoetrySoup makes this fairly simple task into a stumbling block.. I too have no joy in successfully uploading an image, despite following the instructions carefully (and I am no techno-phobe). Any improvements or solutions gratefully received. I thank you.
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