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Know of any good publishers? Tell us about them here.
4/16/2021 12:25:42 AM

Kaveesha Ruwindi
Posts: 3
Hey everyone, I've been wanting to be a songwriter for some time. I've written several songs, but I have no idea how to move forward. I've checked several competitions, but the require an entry fee. I even got a recording opportunity from the Nashville songwriters music group, but the fee was unbearably high and was not at all something that I could ask my parents for. I really want to work on this and reach my full potential. I'm Sri Lankan, and all the local singers sing in Sinhala. I do write in my mother tongue, but I'm more comfortable with English, and i want to spread my music worldwide. I was wondering if anyone here could help me. Help is always welcome.
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6/22/2021 4:39:28 AM

Eduardo Richardson
Posts: 48
It seems to me that you should understand how can be cheaply and most successfully or progressively created musical compositions on which it is possible to put your lyrics. These can be fairly primitive and inexpensive musical instruments such as the guitar. After recording, you can use the SoundCloud to popularize your songs.
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Forum Home » Publishers » Songwriting Opportunities

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