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8/31/2019 5:27:43 AM

J.D. Cromwell
Posts: 16
My Life

First 40 went by
In the blink of an eye
At times I would try
But would fail and then cry

Impressed “friends” with fast cars
Too much time inside bars
My head was so high
It was visiting Mars

My heart always knew
What it wanted to do
But my head was too dumb,
So parties I threw

With no clear direction
I suffered depression
My fear of rejection
Has made false impression

Memory’s affected
Joints are infected
“Friends” are deflected
But heart is protected

Head was psychotic
A little demonic
Now it’s melodic
And sometimes exotic

Found the love of my life
In my moment of strife
Cut old ties with a knife
And made her my wife

2 kids were from me
Good wife brought it to 3
Now I drink tea
With my new family

What’s the next 40 hold?
To assume would be bold
But with my head on right
It is sure to be gold

~J.D. Cromwell
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Forum Home » Introductions » New to thee, here’s about me

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