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5/6/2010 3:25:25 PM

Sara Kendrick
Posts: 5
Just found this section and thought that I would post something here..I am concerned about the oil flowing in the Gulf of Mexico..I hope the fix that they are trying to get in place will work so that it can be handled without much damage to the ocean, coast, and sealife...Sara
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5/6/2010 3:56:35 PM

James Fraser
Posts: 32
Sara, i agree with you. It would be so sad if this escalated and many sea life animals perish. Lets hope not, James.
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5/7/2010 6:26:53 PM

I share your concern. The wildlife did nothing to deserve this. It is tragic. I also hope they fit that thing over the spill where it is leaking out, and contain this asap. catie
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5/7/2010 7:49:09 PM

Michael Benkhen
Posts: 40
Didn't Obama say that Oil Rig's don't leak?
Where's the review of this accident?
What's to stop another Oil Rig from Exploding?
Isn't this the sign that we need to just stop this senseless drilling?

I don't understand how people can just ignore asking those questions?

I believe that animals have the right to live, I mean they want to live.
But think about how many animals died today? And Yesterday...
They die everyday...not just from Animal Abuse but from harmful practices that destroy their habitats.

Sad thing is...most of the murderers get away with it...just like they'll probably get away with the murder of the tens of millions of sea Life and Avian life that are going to perish from this catastrophic oil blunder.
The saddest thing is how many rare species will die before there are none left?

Someone please explain how their deaths are justified.

I don't think we've even covered how this Oil Spill will affect people and their livelihoods.
edited by Apocapus on 5/7/2010

The land is littered with the graves of animals I never killed yet somehow mourn.
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6/4/2010 8:05:24 PM

Mac McGovern
Posts: 9
Great topic. As one who lives in Pensacola, the damage will be incalculable. The ocean may never recover and already, thousands of birds are dead and who knows how much the impact has already had on the life in the sea.

The problem no one is talking about is the impact on society. Already, tourism is affected. Pensacola thrives on a tourist industry. The oil will destroy that industry and when it does, it will destroy Pensacola. The loss of tax revenue alone will be devistating. In a community that is already depressed in its construction industry, this spill has the potential of causing the collapse of this community.
When people stop coming, Pensacola Beach will become a ghost town, housing prices will plummet, hotels will close, unemployment will be out of control.

Pensacola simply does not have the industry to compensate. We are a constuction, service, and tourism community.

Resturants, hotels, bars, gyms, most beach business, well you get the picture..everything is revelent to the other.

If the impact of the oil spill destroys the beaches, the loss of revenue will cause an increase in all individual taxes such as property, sales, and school will all have to go up. Additional taxes will have to be imposed. Business failure, foreclosures , and bankruptcy escaluate substantially.

The future for Pensacola? Who knows! As a resident I am beyond frightened as to the future. We are one of hundreds of communities to be affected. It will take years to recover. The question remains..will there be anything left when the clean-up is finished and the animals and people can return to enjoy our beaches?

Mo matter what you write, someone will love it.
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11/15/2012 9:44:41 PM

Courtney Courtney
Posts: 6
I want a government that can handle the capabilities it takes on it's self, not one that huddles off to a distance and hopes for the best, America I demand action.
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