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Don't Post Poetry Here!!! Everything to make us smile - anecdotes, stories, fun things to do, etc. But NOT Poetry.
12/9/2017 1:20:13 PM

Gayle Rodd
Posts: 26
Go To Your Room

Years ago before social media, I tried recalling how grown ups in our generation handled disagreements. Today one can argue a point with memes and emojis, and even publicly 'shame' a total stranger with the mere push of a button.

It reminded me of the time I went to a neighbor's house for a BBQ. While us kids played on the swing set, the grownups chatted over hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas and alcoholic beverages - those SAME alcoholic beverages that seemed to cause the conversation to intensify in volume and scope.

Two of our neighbors started talking rather loudly. Then one put his finger in the other one's face. As spit flew from his mouth the other neighbor screamed "you just spit on me!" Both men stood up and postured in the stance of a boxer. As children, we were naturally curious to see where this was going to go. Would Mr. Garza get punched in the nose by Mr. Sands? Would the mothers start shrieking and pulling each other's hair out? Before we could find out we heard those ever famous words "kids, go to your rooms." That was the indication that the conversation had crossed the line of politeness and the fists could start flying at any moment. forward 50 years:

As I scroll down and read various political pieces, it seems what starts off as an intelligent conversation,ends up derailed in a 'train wreck' of flamboyant curse words and insults.

The first guy says his opinion and the next guy comments. This goes back and forth in a sort of not-so-polite tension until about 4 or 5 comments in - (enter THIS guy) :

'y'all are stupid idiots!' Your not even in that part of the world."

One of the commenters replies "It's YOU'RE not YOUR - now whose the idiot?"

A new person joins the conversation: "It's who's NOT whose, your both idiots!"

The first guy that started the conversation now chimes in -"I think you mean YOU'RE not YOUR."

She answers: "**** all you guys! your all unintelijunt"

Who invited this hoe to our conversation?" another one asks.

"**** you, you **** you don't know me!" she snaps.

I've come to the conclusion that the discourteous way in which humans treat each other hasn't changed , only the method in which we convey it. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll go to my room.
edited by Mari' on 12/9/2017
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1/29/2018 1:20:06 AM

Lewis Coates
Posts: 1
I also love to read fun & humor books
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1/29/2018 12:30:44 PM

Stephen Wilson-Floyd
Posts: 49
I am retired, but spent 30 years in high and middle school. In my opinion, there is a lot of childish behavior in public schools, and only some of it is from the adolescents. Grow up world!
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3/3/2018 6:00:31 AM

Benjamin Smith
Posts: 1
Very nice
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