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7/8/2011 4:58:30 AM

Bobb Marly
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  • It would be amazing to be able to imagine a total void compleat emptyness and then at a thought and then a Word WOW there it is an entire never ending universe filled with stars and planets. And then God travels through out this awesome exspanse searching for just the right rock to carve on for his masterpeice. one two three yes thats it the third rock from the sun that will be perfect and He makes Himself small and hovers over the water planet and says Let there be Light. And the sun is switched on for the first time and He studies for a while then says let there be dry land and oceans and suddenly mountains heeve up from the depths all over the world and volcanos erupt as the earth shakes from the lands giving birth to plains and valleys and mighty rivers and lakes are trapped. Then the master gardener breaths across the land and it is dry and the wind is born and He then speaks into exsistance every kind of plant and tree and He marvles at the beauty of His creation. He needs and wants to share it all so He created fish to live in the oceans and birds to decorate the air with their beautiful wings as they soar on His wind. And the land He populates with every kind of animal and bug and He marvels at His creations. And yet it is not enough it is not finished it is wild and random. So He takes of the earth and with His hands He sculpts the first man and breathed His own life from His mouth to adams and adam became a living soul. But it still was not enough because man was alone and God wanted man to be able to create and he could not do it alone so God put the man to sleep and took a rib from him and made a woman because the two would be one and dependant on eachother. And the two did create and God blessed His creation. But man was given a special gift one that the animals do not truley have he was given free will to govern himself but he used it unwisely and so again God had to create but He did not do it alone He used the woman and created in her mans salvation our Christ whom man crusified and who God sacrificed of Himself and ressurrected to live with Him and in our hearts forever so that grace would be born into the world.

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    Forum Home » Fun and humor » I can only imagine just how it all came about. But

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