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For poets who want unrestricted constructive criticism. This is NOT a vanity workshop. If you do not want your poem seriously critiqued, do not post here. Constructive criticism only. PLEASE Only Post One Poem a Day!!!
6/2/2011 3:18:06 PM

I wrote this poem off of a few lines of a singer/songwriter I know, let me know what you think please. (it was more of a vocal performance poem, but I feel quite deeply for it) :]

“but there (she)is shaped like an anchor there on the ground
so you climb back down” - Sammie Rae Bowers

And trouble sinks into the cracks of our sleepless nights like the sand fills the significant spaces between cement slabs, and our heavy hearts sink below our chests like the anchors weigh their masters to the ground, their masters to the ground.

Paper sails could only last for hours as the wind cut us down, lifting and howling up and out of our mouths like the purest sound of expression we found, like the purest form of the affectionate cloud floating above our laughs and smiles, raining on our sad days and appreciating all the miles we walked to get where we are now; this is the life of our voices, this is the fruit of our towns, of our friends and families toils and hard days, of our light hearted anticipations and our heavy handed let downs, of our tears and even our frowns.

This is everything I’ve given and taken to find myself lost, everything I’ve been through to find myself found so as I look down to see her drift like an anchor made of cloth, a supposed-to-be heavy weight with texture so soft, I climb back down just to watch her fall, I jump this ledge to leave behind the guilty feelings hanging in the backs of our throats and the sins that leave us thinking of a million holy quotes that warned us before and after, I leave this home in hopes that a heart growing cold will thaw and that I won’t find this disaster that crawls ever closer, in hopes that I’ll find that soul within the smile that can’t be defined by a proper noun, that leaves me feeling vulnerable like a sick child in a surgical gown but strong and confident like a humble man behind a well-earned crown, I climb back down.

So here’s to hoping that though our hearts bend and break like ships under cannon fire and that though our sails are shaped like anchors and our anchors cannot be let down, here’s to hoping that we’ll never drown. Here’s to hoping that the hoping in our hearts never dies and that our faith stays strong even as we watch our hardships fall and rise, even as our obstacles grow in size, here’s to promising we’ll never lie and even if we have to spend a few nights sleepless, even if we have to spend a few days feeling like we forgot how to feel alive, here’s to writing these lines in hopes that the people we love never have to cry and here’s to hoping that with every lyric we pour out of our fragile but persistent hearts and our almost distant but ready-to-listen minds our words and whispers never die. Here’s to knowing one day these anchors will burst into wings and show us how to fly.

By: Maxx Hillery
edited by Anchor's Edge on 6/2/2011
edited by Anchor's Edge on 6/2/2011
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