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11/5/2017 8:37:49 PM

Katheryn Moore
Posts: 2
I like this boy, i think he might like me. I dont want to come off as the wait for him to make a move girl. I want to show him that i'm pretty independent, and that if he does not like me, it wont affect me (even though it will)hug. What should I do?In Love
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12/11/2017 8:46:46 AM

Faraz Ajmal
Posts: 9
Well you know the best thing, been single and giving others advise on relationships, I always help my friends and will try my best to help you as well, you see mostly boys are shy and they ll never confess it, if you two are friends the there s high possibility that even he loves you but is afraid that it will ruin your friendship, so don t be mean, don t be too open, don t be too rude, try to find a way into tallking it, like asking what tyoe of girl you like and see, if you think he loves you and is a good boy. Most importantly first of all be absolutely surethat he s the right one for you because you ve to live your whole life, if you re absolutely sure he s a nice guy then go for it, confess it before it s too late
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8/31/2018 7:42:15 PM

Jean Bush
Posts: 11
Actually, men prefer making the first move. They love the chase. If you're not sure of him liking you, ask a simple question about something or ask him for help with something. His response will tell you everything you need to know. Keep us posted.Cool
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11/10/2018 7:55:46 AM

William More
Posts: 4
If I were you, I would not do anything. If he likes you, he will take the first step himself. The main thing to be yourself!

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4/25/2021 11:26:18 PM

Eduardo Richardson
Posts: 48
It seems to me in such a situation, you just need to continue the communication and show with some signs that you like him. If he is smart and sensual, he will understand this and independently make a choice about whether to leave you in the friend zone, no matter how cruel it sounds, or start a romantic relationship.
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4/26/2021 8:00:57 PM

Zephyr Cessabit
Posts: 5
A lot of people here are saying to wait and keep flirting, but in my experience it's been best to try and initiate some kind of move. Obviously I don't know the guy and can't give surefire advice, but I can say that guys get just as nervous as girls do when they like someone, even if they won't admit it. You don't have to come right out and say "I like you" but maybe just slip some clues into conversation. For example, compliment him, but be specific. I usually use "Wow, I never noticed your eyes before. They're so pretty." or tell them how great they are at a hobby. That usually does the trick. Plus, if they deny having nice eyes or being good at something or whatever, you can go "Oh, so you think I have bad taste?" and joke about it so that they know you're interested. Another thing, confidence is KEY!! Even if you're not really confident, pretending to be is a really good way to make guys like you more than they already do. You don't have to be mean to be confident, just try to walk with your head up and shoulders back and you'll seem much more sure of yourself. And if you do this and he doesn't say anything, he might just be super nervous and scared to ask you out. You can always ask him too! That'll be another thing that makes you seem more confident. And if he doesn't like you, he probably wasn't right for you anyway. Keep us updated on what happens!! Good luck!!
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