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Ways to improve your poetry. Post your techniques, tips, and creative ideas how to write better.
10/16/2017 4:25:10 PM

Cameron Leslie
Posts: 7
So I have no idea if there even is a type of poetry that's set up like this. The poem I have written has one quatrain and then a closing line that repeats at the end of every stanza. For example, here's the first stanza:

Here I sit within this grove/Trees around me bend and sway/Nature is a treasure trove/Gold around that's clearly seen/Bending, Swaying

The "Bending, Swaying" part of it is the last line for the entire poem. Any thoughts as to what this is?
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10/23/2017 4:42:00 AM

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 11
Not bad at all

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Forum Home » Writing Poetry » Question on Poetry Type

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