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6/14/2017 10:46:03 PM

Dr Gore
Posts: 1
I always feel like I need to rhyme, at least some of the time. I think so that I can feel "like I'm doing it right" or that I'm a "proper poet". Maybe this comes from school and learning about all the biggest like Shakespeare and...Shakespeare. As famous writers and they all rhymed. I also think that I think that my poetry benefits from it but I have no actual proof of this.
I like doing free verse and narrative the most and that's what comes most naturally for me.

So questions are, how important is rhyming? And, in what situations is it best used?
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9/15/2017 3:12:41 PM

Jack Webster
Posts: 71
Rhyme (end rhyme, specifically) serves several functions in (old world) poetry and structured form. Metrically, it is a very audible demarcation of the end of the metric line, its the poetic eqivalent of counting to 10 on an abacus and resetting the beads and sliding a 1 bead up in the 10s column. Its also like the accented beat at the beginning of a musical phrase that marks the transition and balance of sound.

Its repetition also gives the ear something to expect, to anticipate, and the ear is pleased to its ordeliness.

It is also primarily a device that originates from poetry's origin in the oral tradition when poems were memorized instead of written down. the rhythm of the meter. but especially the rhyme serves as a support and mnemonic device to aid memorization.

in addition to being part of the oral tradition, many world poetry traditions are intimately tied with song, and many poems were performed with music. So, the rhymes and refrains added to the musical quality.

There have been studies that allege that even if you hear a melody once, there is a part of the brain that never forgets it. when the brain forms associations, it literally forms connections between brain cells; it physically happens. This is also why slogans and jingles frequently make use of meter and rhyme, because in some fashion it writes it into the brain in a way that prose simply isn't. If you're inclined towards superstitions and magic, this is also why spells use rhyme and meter, because the pattern acts on the mind in a tangible way and becomes stronger with repetition.

poems don't have to use rhyme; it's simply a device. in fact alot of contemporary poetry eschews end rhyme and fixed form, partly for creative freedom, and also to break away from the song like quality, and its association with an expired tradition.
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10/23/2017 4:43:13 AM

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 11
As for me, it is really important

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