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New to PoetrySoup? Introduce yourself here. Tell us something about yourself.
4/18/2011 6:24:26 PM

Ivor Davies
Posts: 2
Introduction to Ivor

Born an army brat, moved home every two years. Classed as the lowest of the low. No real roots.
Difficult education.
Physical Disability, monocular vision excluding me from many careers.
Parents argued and fought 24/7
Periods of depression

Passion and drive.
Strong sense of morality.
Love of Life.
Forms lasting relationships easily.
Ability to find the best in everything.
Tolerant of mistakes.
Supportive wife.

I wish to introduce the real me to this site so I feel it is best to explain what I have been up to for the past 65 years. Then maybe somebody out there will be able to tell me why I am happy, contented and enjoy life. The story I could tell (and maybe will one day) could have led to a broken miserable sod and insanity but I love life, people, and what I consider to be my achievements as I've played the game.

What is achievement? I suppose at different times it is different things to everyone. To me, it is what is inside your head, what your intentions are, how you feel in your heart. I have done many jobs along the way and I'll list some to get my thoughts in order:

Office Junior - Greyhound Race Track
Switchboard operator - plugs and cables
Signals Sgt. - Cadets and territorials
Water Ski instructor - British Forces and Families
Bus Conductor
Motor Mechanic
Door to door salesman(commission only)
Service Patrol - RAC
Sale Managers - RAC
Service Manager - RAC
Salesman - RAC (yes redundancy is a hard master!)
Vehicle inspector
Field Operations Manager - FirstLine Digital
Nope…. none of these are considered by me to be achievements, enjoyed them though.

Loving wife, raising own kids, fostering, helping people, writing poetry, making new friends, these I consider to be my achievements. Especially if I played some small part in pointing somebody in the right direction to find themselves. Yes I mean 'find themselves'. I try never to give advice but would rather be the sounding board for people to bat their ball against until they finally catch it.

Anyway back to the task in hand, I'm introducing myself this time. Why did I suddenly start writing poetry, why has my muse stepped slightly aside while I get to grips with my retirement. Rather like an old friend...knows when to listen and let me get on with things.

The big question.
We have lost a daughter,I have had skin cancer and eyesight problems, I was made redundant (3rdtime) at 59 and at that age I was likely to have had to go on the knockers (door to door sales) again as nobody wants to employ 'older' people anymore. I could have been suicidal given a different nature. Support of family, friends and other writers and poets played a big part in my head staying right.

No matter what life throws at me, my attitude to life is simply what I make it in 'my' mind. Outside influences are a pain at times but for all the abuse, wickedness and problems we can encounter, I for one find that me, and only me, is responsible for how I feel and I intend to continue having fun well after I draw my last breath in this lifetime!

Well possibly a self analytical introduction, but I hope this explains the real me and you may then excuse my insanity or take on life if you happen across my poetry!

Have Fun,

edited by ivordavies on 4/18/2011
edited by ivordavies on 4/18/2011
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4/22/2011 5:27:56 AM

Shirley Garnett_Steverson
Posts: 5
Great introduction, I like the "in my mind" notion.
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