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Can't find a poem you've heard once? Looking for a poem for a special person or an occasion? Ask other member for help.
5/25/2017 9:26:24 AM

Karlo Karloz
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Hello everyone

My girl got me into poems, and she left me a mystery I still have not solved till today. I've been looking for so long but I just can't find it.

She said 3 keywords which will lead me to a poem

1) Atticus (Which stands for atticus poetry)

2) E.H. (Initials I guess)

3) 13 (number of poem perhaps?)

Long story short, I'm trying to get her back with this particular poem, it means a world to me, I hope it will to her aswell. I don't have enough knowledge to find it, been looking forever. If you know something about it, everything is welcome. Thank you

Just a man madly in love
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3/29/2019 8:54:15 PM

Kelli White
Posts: 1
E.H is Erin Hanson a romantic poet from Australia who is extremely well known. Atticus is a very well published poet who remains anonymous by wearing a mask but many men read his work to woo their women. He has over 287 thousand Instagram followers. The 13 maybe the date you met or the 13th poem of one of these poets I am not sure. You will have to do your own detective work on that. Good luck hope this helps.
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