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4/30/2017 5:07:55 PM

keith osborne
Posts: 44
You seem to have done quite well with comments versus the number of views of your poems. Try 600 views and less than 5 comments.
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5/3/2017 6:07:17 PM

Dean Wood
Posts: 31
I know I am preaching to the choir here, because you are free with your comments. But for others, I have found that I get more views be viewing and commenting on a variety of poets' work. They can't comment if they don't read it. If they like well enough, I hope they will let us know.
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5/8/2017 12:17:25 PM

Darren White
Posts: 31
You do it all right Lenna, comment on others, read blogs, do a contest here and there. That's what you do and then slowly you get more comments, just give it time, it took me really a few months before it really took off like a speed boat
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5/9/2017 5:10:28 PM

Lenna Walker
Posts: 2
how do I delete this thread?
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5/11/2017 8:22:09 AM

Darlene De Beaulieu
Posts: 14
I need advice about a poetry I wrote some time ago, I need to understand what was said to me about my poem A Mystery Did not understand what was said to me. Can you explain in simple english, thank you.
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5/13/2017 3:38:03 AM

Denise Hopkins
Posts: 15
Leaving comments on others sites is the best way or winning a local contest will help. Try to be heard as they are not aware of your exsistance let every member get a smily face on there poems is the quicker way. Good luck and I will be whatching for a comment on my page 😉
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6/1/2017 6:51:00 PM

James Edward Lee Sr.
Posts: 2
do you have to be a member of poetry soup to get comments only. Or can anyone log on read and comment?
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6/4/2017 12:25:56 AM

Andy Morfett
Posts: 9
It seems to me that people here are 'generous' enough to read one's work but not to take the time or make the effort to actually comment. I find that both puzzling and intensely frustrating. I am also aware, of course, that not everyone who reads my work is and actual member of PS, so that has to also be taken into account. Even so, that does not excuse the members - especially the long-term members - who do not make the effort to leave comments or critiques. We are none of us experienced to the point that we have nothing left to learn...
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6/28/2017 11:32:03 AM

Sunita U.D Palawon
Posts: 1
I think one should not be reading a poet's poem just to be known or to invite comment. Requesting every time for views too, could be like nagging somebody. One has to be genuinely interested to read and enjoy poems on this site and show frank appreciation in a comment. Reading others' poems also gives ground for improvement of one's own poems. It is a continuous process of feedback, learning and sharing. At least this is what I felt being on PS for a year. )
edited by Sunita U.Palawon D on 6/28/2017
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