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3/31/2011 5:47:27 AM

Ezeji Emmanuel
Posts: 2
Normal 0 HEROESTears dropping like water
In confussion the mind
After the heroes of our generation
Then feathers would flutter in the wind
The angels and the moon past
Glide above the mountain
Where are thou generation heroes
Clothes hang in the dust
Worms of the earth eaten
Not seen, but there it was
When will thou return
Building the bridge to the edge of the town
Learning the young from you
Waiting are we for you
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4/1/2011 6:30:24 AM

Manouchka doreus
Posts: 23
you might want to edit this poem... i like the theme but your delivery is a bit weak. using words like thou and phrases like waiting are we requires for you to either transform the entire poem into the shakespearean era or put them together in a way that make them seem as though they belong.
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4/2/2011 6:05:00 AM

Posts: 12
I am not sure if the old English is working in your favor, I like the theme though. And I understand the message. Good luck
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