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Ways to improve your poetry. Post your techniques, tips, and creative ideas how to write better.
6/30/2016 2:24:01 AM

David Smith
Posts: 13
There are many reasons why I write poetry and each poem may have been written for a different reason.
Feelings play a big part in my writing. When I first started writing it was to impress a lady. So looked for words that would best suit that purpose and my feelings towards her.

Poems like "on stage" (posted) were to celebrate a special time and place and to acknowledge that to the people involved. For some of my poetry the message takes centre stage. Some is more like doodling. Some is for fun. Some is to experiment and fit a particular category. It is all for me part of growing and understanding. I have written some poetry as a record of feelings and motivations. Some poems are to release pressure and keep my sanity. I am now in the refinement stage and poetry soup is helping. Some poems are to reach out and connect with others. Asking questions of myself has helped maybe it could help you too.
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10/23/2017 4:44:19 AM

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 11
I am writing for people I love)

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10/27/2017 3:29:59 AM

Elizabeth Wilkin
Posts: 2
I write to get the emotions I feel onto "paper". I feel so much, and so deeply it needs a place to go.
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11/16/2017 4:17:12 PM

Bob Atkinson
Posts: 233
Why write Poetry?
My feeling is you are communicating your emotions to those not yet born. You are adding to the quality of recorded history. Prose attempts to describe perceived reality. Poetry attempts to document your reaction to perceived reality. Simple as that. Any other reason would be subordinate to this. This is the only reason that makes poetry valuable.
For personal reasons only? Then write it and stick it in a desk drawer or the waste basket,
nobody cares.
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11/28/2017 11:14:02 AM

Stephen Wilson-Floyd
Posts: 49
Rather than put down what I think is maudlin poetry, I have come to realize people write for different audiences. Some is written for self-discovery, some friends and family, some for members of the writer's church, synagogue or temple. I have come to find out a lot about myself from writing. I never believed in what is called a "writer's voice" until I developed one. I've written a lot of pretentious poems and discarded them all. I like to think, I've become a less phony person because of it. The speaker who speaks in my poems, is not too bad a person after all. Archibald McLeash considered writing his poems as a kind of religion in itself. What I understand about this, I agree.
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4/1/2018 9:08:41 PM

Tim Peterson
Posts: 1
It is therapeutic. Observation, description, and appreciation without judgement.
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