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3/17/2011 5:11:09 PM

Manouchka doreus
Posts: 23
Are we happy?

Is this state of being trapped behind all the lies we can't admit to happiness?

When we grit our teeth and smile sweetly at our boss, are we happy?

The lies that we hide behind meld.

They form a perfect screen to obscure all others' eyes from seeing whats within.

They never see you.

They never see me.

They see a mirage through the smoke and heat.

not even our spouses can penetrate this barrier.

They stand outside in the cold,

never understanding why there is no connection.

With time, the only common ground that they have is shattered hopelessly with the passing of time.

Two trains moving in opposite direction;

always headed by an incessant stream of lies.

And always lies.

the greatest of them being the lie of happiness
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