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3/10/2011 3:05:16 PM

The Melody Sings
Posts: 1
Hey guys just wondering does anyone in here LOVE Edgar Allan Poe like I do. I mean he was just SO fascinating. I actually wrote a poem about him of course entitled Edgar Allan Poe. So please tell me your thoughts. He was definately an interesting man and a genius of a writer. I mean I LOVE HIM and all is writing. In fact if I could bring one person back from the dead it would be him. well I would really like to hear your opinions. Bye!
~The Fire Rages
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5/26/2011 5:37:58 AM

Zzzzz Zzzzz
Posts: 1
Edgar Allan Poe was certainly a genius. "The Raven" is a great poem. As a youth , I used to enjoy reading some of his short stories too. He lived a very interesting life, but failed to earn a living as a writer. Strange, how genius so often goes unrewarded, whilst lesser talents earn a fortune! Regards, Robert.
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8/16/2014 9:13:09 AM

Bob Atkinson
Posts: 223
NO MO POE ! Believe Poe has destroyed the integrity of American Poetry. Look at the results of his work. Look at what's being produced today. In my book, it's his fault, he's responsible for this mess.
Bob_Atkinson on 8/16/2014
edited by Bob_Atkinson on 8/16/2014
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8/19/2014 1:48:17 PM

Ettie Christian
Posts: 13
Edger Allen Poe was a great poet who did not get enough credit for his work,
His poems were a work of art!

Life is like a flower,
It will bloom every year,
But dies when the cold wind is near-Ettie
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12/13/2014 12:21:20 AM

Kate Ginsberg
Posts: 14
Poe was great of course. But I'm more of a R.L. Stevenson fan, I like children's poetry. Simple and beautiful. What a contrast, eh?
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12/31/2015 5:21:06 PM

Bob Atkinson
Posts: 223
Poe vs Reality


Revitalization of Poetry in the 21st Century

- by Bob Atkinson

Poe's Poetic Principle

Poe's vision of poetry

demeaned a genre' shameful

arguing poetry functions merely

as a form of art time wasteful

well, here in my comfy chair

beg to differ with that man

couldn't be so far from truth

if he said he'd had three hands

one to write with laziness

one to scratch his head

one to turn large pages

of my poems about the man

poetry's not so simple

where in one breath you can compound

all past and future sentences

with something said profound

we must explore our history

what we thought of these events

we must describe our feelings

not only dates and times presented

we have so deep in our hearts

potential to explore

producing great good nations

where sea laps up to shore

have to, in these times of trouble

understand where trouble originates

does it come from circumstance

or does hurtful agitate

how can man hurt ones he loves

how can he not love mankind

how can he give his soul to devil

total uselessness of mind

how can we not learn from past events

how can we document our fears

how can we open up to treasures

produced throughout many years

tell you firmly I believe

we can start here in our time

to fully document our souls

with rhythm and with rhyme
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