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2/21/2011 12:39:11 PM

Arte misia
Posts: 2
Swirling like an exhale from a cigarette that burns
Watching from a distance as the world mundanely turns
Everyday the same routine, a joyless empty place
You wonder when you look at her why indifference paints her face
A memory is hollow like a bitter broken heart
Nothing matters anymore as it all falls apart
Another indie song circles ‘round on repeat
A solemn understanding transfers though the beat
Melancholy strings plucked on acoustic guitars
How does the world feel so small but leave you so far
Out upon the edges where sanity knows its bounds
Would you plummet off the edge if nobody was around?
Without reciprocation we float lifeless in this world
Nothing feels; nothing bleeds from this lachrymose girl
Another day, another chance to see that things set right
One more minute, one more hour until the close of night
Lying awake in bed with eyes tightly closed
When the demons of sleep depart, she’ll never know
Kaleidoscope images and soundless words
Twist and wind into silent thoughts she’s heard
Dreams consume from head to toe
Encapsulate subconscious things she doesn’t know
Vivid nightmares, ghoulish scenes create within the walls
Like Alice in her Wonderland, too much time to fall
But with a sudden jaunt this girl will come to rise
She will stare at her reflection and see nothing in her eyes
No one will ever notice the things they’ll never see
Hidden, caged and bound her secrets to captivity
No pain, no sorrow, not a trace of fear
Not anger or regret could be found here
Each reinforcement, skillfully adjusted every morn
Straightened at the corners and sutured to the norm
“This is your life,” she says, “It owes you not a thing.
Too bad perfection isn’t as perfect as it seems.”
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3/17/2011 8:23:34 PM

Manouchka doreus
Posts: 23
wow... this expresses the very soul of emptiness
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6/15/2011 11:12:43 AM

darnett shimmy yeah
Posts: 5
This speaks to the heart.

Job well done!

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6/15/2011 7:35:59 PM

elizabeth wesley
Posts: 6
You've expressed emptiness so well. I enjoyed your creative write.
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6/25/2011 9:57:39 PM

Chelsea Klotz
Posts: 1
Beautiful imagery, it really almost makes one feel as if this is happening to one as it's read.
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8/11/2011 8:49:23 PM

A poem like this makes me feel like the complete amateur that I am....Amazing poem.
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