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5/12/2010 8:46:48 AM

Patty Lane
Posts: 5
I am surprised only one commented on this poem. This is my favorite poem! Did they not get it? Maybe not as many people as I thought saw the "The Matrix." Patty


Once upon a time in a hamlet name Le’May
Two mules were watching the folks who blocked their way
What's taking so long? Said the white mule to the grey
Why don't they get a move on, I want to run and play
Be patient my boy, it's a human thing they do
They are pondering the boxes the master left in view
See them in the road there … in sizes - just the two
All must make a choice of one in order to pass through
But father that's an easy choice, the larger box is best
Who would pick the smaller one when all you'd get is less
That’s not always true my son, but if I had to make a guess
Size indeed might matter here, a fact I'll now address
You see, the Master always has a plan for anything that might
Invigorate the hearts of those who’ve given up on life
And so he gives them trials that oft time will ignite
The dying-trying embers in need of passion’s light
I see you're looking puzzled son, so let me edify
I heard some fellows talking as they happen to pass by
One said unto the other, friend I'm telling you no lie
You mean to say they're both alike, the poser did reply
Yes, both contain a truth unknown. In that they are the same
I heard the Master tell this to the boy on Willow Lane
Adding, he who seeks the better light must approach the flame
For truth will bright the caravan while they in dark remain

Now I couldn't hear the rest my son as those people moved away
But I think I understand what the Master had to say
You see truth is like an open door where depending on its sway
The direction of perception is how it is surveyed

Let’s say you choose a door, you’ve entered through once more
You're going to get what you expect. There's nothing to explore
For the mind is designed … to dine on the obscure
With an appetite that’s primed for mystery’s allure
Still, if your heart has questions and likes to take a chance
Why not try that different door to mysterious circumstance
It might stagger your reality and gamble your confidence
But truth for some can often plumb the core of all imbalance
So I guess what's in the boxes that the humans need critique
Is a fitting kind’ve platform for the sort’ve truth they seek
And the box that will be chosen by the complacent or the meek
Might well be the smaller box for egos that are weak
For those who dare to walk the edge to hazard the unknown
They might choose the larger box even when they’re shown
Realities not readied for along the new path honed
For truth is still the rudest king to ever sit a throne
Then it’s “knowledge” in the boxes. Is that what it’s about
Why how smart you are my boy, you’ve got it figured out
“Knowledge” is precisely what it is without a doubt
Though misinterpretation can bite you on the snout
Son, “knowledge” is no jester on the battlefield of “right”
It’s army strong and payback long for you the neophyte
Deception’s guise that truth belies can not endure the fight
For “knowledge” is the teeth that gives the mouth of truth its bite
Ah, but they are stubborn as can be as far as humans go
They just can not accept things as they are, as we all know
But that is how he made them, the Master planned it so ... though
It can’t be easy being human child, they’ve quite a load to tow
Yes son
And they call us the beast of burden?
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