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Ways to improve your poetry. Post your techniques, tips, and creative ideas how to write better.
9/20/2014 5:36:24 AM

little known nothing
Posts: 3
Anyone read the Larcenist Magazine???
I was lucky enough to be put in the first two issues and I downloaded the ebook off lulu. Pondering this the other day I realised that with all the spare time I have on my hands as I don't work ( not because I'm lazy ) this would be a really rewarding way to spend my time. I have already self published a poetry book through createspace and found it was really easy. Last week I was lucky enough to sell 30 copies in kindle form. But reading through the new poems on poetry soup yesterday I came across a lot of poems that left the words rolling through my head till late last night. There is so many talented poets that will never get published as this is the world we live in, people are so busy with work, family etc. my new idea is for me to self publish a poetry magazine with a big assortment of different forms, styles and voices. Every month or two depending if I get any interested people a topic ie love, death, life changing events, written by all the talented poets of different race, age etc etc. obviously I need poets and poems to fill this magazine of wonder, the best way to do this is a competition once a week on the subject of the magazine I'll be publishing picking 10 - 15 poems a week to fill the magazine. I need feedback on this idea before I even think about going ahead with it. Now only other thing to think of is money I'm not interested in making money but I am interested in getting our words out there into the big wide world. Any ideas on money would be welcome. Weather we give it to charity or maybe buying a lifetime membership for poetry soup for someone, or using the proceeds if there are any to buy hard copies for the poets who are in the magazine. I really need some feedback on this and any direct emails are welcome
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9/22/2014 8:52:51 PM

Verlena S. Walker
Posts: 3
Little-Known Nothing: If I can be a co-editor with my own page to theme and/or topic via poetry I am interested. A very neat idea you have here. When are you planning on launching this project. I am very well-written. Check me out on the Soup. I know I have read your poetry. you roc. I know you are worthy of me and I am you. Smile!

~Oblivion Dark Sunshine - Poetry Diva - Verlena S. Walker~
edited by Verlena on 9/22/2014
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4/10/2017 5:13:03 AM

Alan Ireland
Posts: 1
Did anything materialize?
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