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12/28/2010 11:50:17 AM

susan viscione
Posts: 1
My young rodesian, blood hound mix, Duke, loves to have run in's with small critters. Well, in one of his late night adventures, got into it with a skunk, P U, what a smell, this was just awful, and late at night, so no grooming shops open. Though, I am a professional dog groomer, and my girlfriend has opened her shop at night, for these little mishaps, it was to late to bother her, cold out, so couldn't wash him outside, and, there was no way I was going to sleep with him in the house smelling like this. My rotty Buddy, even took a wiff, and went into the other room. I used the only thing I could think of as a quick fix. I sprayed him down with scrubbing bubbles foam, then wiped him off with a warm towel. It worked, probably not the best, but, you do what you have to do in a situation like this. susan Viscione
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2/22/2012 2:31:02 PM

Dave Timperley
Posts: 3
If it happens again wash him in tomato juice!! It works. God bless. Dave.
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11/10/2012 3:03:42 PM

Lisa Stoffer
Posts: 5
It sounds like something my cat used to try to do. He never came home smelling, but could tell he had had a run in with some other animal he should not have. Did catch him trying to corner a raccoon in our window well quite satisfactorally.
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3/6/2015 5:44:14 PM

Mark J. Halliday
Posts: 11
I've seen online a recipe to neutralize skunk spray. I know it has hydrogen peroxide and dish soap in it. It reportedly is more effective than tomato juice (and doesn't stain white-furred dogs red). We've used it several times and can vouch for the recipe.
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