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5/10/2010 10:51:18 AM

Chuck Keys
Posts: 3
i have been on this site for just about a month. "poetry soup" is definitely a treasure. i have been writing for a couple of years now and never knew this site existed. wow! i only need to visit one site instead of many to make a fool of myself.

much of my work is introspective in as much as i try to use myself as a springboard to address the rest of the world - as probably many writers do. what truly amazes me is to find that others (writers) find the world as equally frustrating, confusing, inconsistent, hard, cruel, loving, warm and cozy etc. as i do. so with my advanced intelligence i realized what makes each us very different is how we apply our reactions to this world in what and how we sense/live out our lives daily. i guess this is a polite way of saying how i like to confuse everything and make it more complicated than it is or could be or should be. now i have to think about this; maybe i will or I should write a poem on this subject. hmm.
anyway, thanks for sharing some time with me and welcome to my journey (with and or without you). if i remember correctly, once my phsycotherapist told me i think too much but i dont remember if that was positive or negative or maybe both! thanks and enjoy your day, chuck keys
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5/10/2010 9:47:52 PM

Chris D. Aechtner
Posts: 47
Well, from one newbie to another, welcome to Poetrysoup!
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Forum Home » Introductions » greetings from chuck keys

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