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New to PoetrySoup? Introduce yourself here. Tell us something about yourself.
5/9/2010 9:40:49 PM

Timothy Brumley
Posts: 2
Hi, my name is Timothy I. Brumley. I'm a male Caucasian 52 years of age, single/divorced, and living alone and free for the last 10 years now, however it's starting to get to be a drag. I'm also retired as of two years now and suddenly all my time is my own! So, I turned my attentions to an old love that I swore a promise to as a very young man just starting out in life that I'd one day come back to. That love was poetry which I studied in college and wrote overseas in the military but had to desert because of life's responsibilities i.e. marriage, kids, work.
Anyway, so I started writing partly out of my love for poetry, and partly out of boredom, and partly because I'd just bought this top of the line H.P. pavilion p.c. with 6gbt ram and 1,600 gbts capacity with the 5.0 speaker system that rocks and a 30 inch wide flat screen monitor and a 1800 cannon photo processor printer, uhh well, you can probably tell that I love my p.c.! Actually, his name is Hal and Hal is voice controlled! It's wild, he can even take dictation, bad to the bone!! And check this out I bought all this for 1,100.00 with full web cam system and about 500.00 0f programming by standing in line for 36 hrs. on black Friday at best buy! Oh, where was I, oh yea.
So, I started writing poetry again last year and entered about twenty into the Lulu's contest and I won eight daily awards, one monthly award, and the Grand Prize for $5,000.00 with my poem "Four Sisters" which I have on file here in my profile. So far I have written about forty poems that I consider worthy of my name however I won't publish all of them here, just the best ones.
I finally got sick of the cheaters and the haters and especially one particular fellow poet on the Lulu site that has an ego the size of Australia and a posterior to match Antarctica! But mostly I was sick of Lulu's for having a damn contest that lets the other poets vote for the winner, what a joke! It would be great if everyone were honest and considerate but we actually live in the real world unfortunately. So, where was I ? Oh yea, so here I am just looking for a fair fight.
I'm a traditionalist leaning towards contemporary poetry. I believe that a poem should be like a lovely ballet, full of form and color with fluid motion and natural rhythm. I consider traditional poetry and free verse two distinctly different species of the same genre. Like the swan and the lark. The swan and lark are both birds but are vastly different. Both can fly and are capable of high flight but that's about it. The swan (or contemporary poetry) is heavy laden with rules etc. and always flies in pairs and even numbers and always in a vee formation like the goose. The swan mates for life.
The Lark is light as a feather unburdened by weight of rules and flies alone. His flight resembles more that of a bat instead of a bird. Unpredictable and free. The lark mates for a season. Both are birds but are two very different animals.
Anyway, that's me and why I'm here. Thank you for your attention and patience.
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5/10/2010 10:32:30 AM

Hi Tim, Gosh, I want my freeverse to be a swan! I want your computer also! It is so nice to meet you, and I shall certainly check out your poem, "Four Sisters." Welcome to the soup family. Catie
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7/22/2010 12:40:45 PM

Francine Roberts
Posts: 3
enjoyed reading your post, love your comparison of poetry and birds, I have been posting here for awhile but just bought myself a membership this month as a birthday gift to myself, I look forword to reading more of your work, and maybe one day I will actually post a little about myself...maybe
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