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10/13/2010 3:00:35 PM

Jamie Kehoe
Posts: 1
Hi Guys,
Lately i have really been toying with the idea of basing a poem around a court jester.
You see what really intrigues me about these motley fools is there place in the middle ages. Many were employed by aristocratic households as licensed fools.
The royal Shakespeare company states, how the Jester was in-fact, an unlikely adviser to noble men, and kings/queens. It seems strange that a monarch could be mocked by a Jester about certain political matters and be entertained by his antics. However it begins to make sense when you consider that everything the Jester says, is in Jest.
Many believed the licensed fool to be "divinely Inspired" and it showed, as a jester could inform and advice a king; but if a noble man or women of a higher social class was to do the same they would most likely face execution.

Ironic, Don't you think?
Anyway, i will continue to put together a sonnet on The court Jester, but please feel free to post your own.

P.S : Thank you for all your constructive points and comments made on my posts. I have learned greatly from my fellow soupers.
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8/2/2011 9:30:22 AM

Vicki Acquah
Posts: 2
Hmm, same way with comedians of today,They get away with more through JEST, than the serious protesters,Wow the remarks made about BUSH/OBAMA..and other presidents by Jesters are the most profoundly remembered. Nice Topic though! Read my poem called the"Loathsome Bard.

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