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8/27/2013 9:15:30 AM

Ibrahim Ansari
Posts: 6
Hey guys,
I'm trying to get a few poems published in the form of a book for which the title I chose is this:
"Hurt, Hope & A Touch of Nature"
the poems i plan to add in it are:
A home in the contryside
A walk in trafford square
a journey by sea
angel falls
but then he followed his heart
life in reality
natures beauty
teachers love
young sage

Please check these out to see if they fit the title. And if you have a better title, pls suggest. Also check out the rest of my poetry to see if any of the others fall under this title, and those from the list above which dont. please notify urgently.

Thanks A Lot
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Forum Home » Outside the Bowl » Urgent, My Dear Soupers

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