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Post here if you're new to receiving a critique and you want "gentle" feedback on your poem. Constructive criticism only. PLEASE Only Post One Poem a Day!!!

Is poetry a gift or it is learnt/ practiced

Its a gift to be perfected:1
3/17/2013 2:37:03 PM

Prince Yusuf
Posts: 2
I will be with you tonight,

Fondly sharing the love of your beholding sight,

Embraced meanwhile by the warmth of your absence,

Blazing passion causes me to be happy,

Distance displays disputes readily promoting a fight.

Thus conflict arouses beeping conscience,

Challenges cautiously undergone spark up our zeal,

Scattered arrangement declares the shyness of my heart,

Always adjudged is I as evidently scrappy,

True to it is our love as the mild touch of a moonlight folk tale,

My Angel; certainly our love is measurable on no earthly scale,

Fortunately I gained the love others resolved to steal,

You remain the key to unlock my passion in the illuminating darkness of a night,

Softly my heart craves for your deserved presence.
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