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New to PoetrySoup? Introduce yourself here. Tell us something about yourself.
2/15/2013 5:01:53 PM

Hello my name is Daniel but I'm people also call me Dan or Danny Boy and even Dan Dan the flying man.

I say a warm hello to everyone here at Poetry Soup.

I have always been taken by the majesty and precision of expression in poetry, this is what separates it from other forms of writing. i have also over the last week completed the first original poem that I'm proud of. it's called We'll never see him again. it's about an unrequited love that I have experienced recently.

Thank you and I'm sure to participate with Poetry Soup allot in the future.

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3/2/2013 11:54:14 PM

Ruby Honeytip
Posts: 1
I'm new here too and am blown away by the warmth and kindness shown by the members of this poetry community :-D
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Forum Home » Introductions » Thank you guys

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