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11/29/2012 8:34:26 PM

fengwenshu sanglin
Posts: 30
Commenting on the China Lei Min sang great Italy musician Puccini,

[Sunny day Butterfly]

[Commenti Lei Min concerto Ottimo italiano musicista Puccini giorno di sole]

Ti prego, caro lettore, scrittore, poeta, e gli amici per godersi.

Please, dear reader, writer, poet, and friends to enjoy,

Commenti cantante donna cinese, poeta, compositore, insegnante di musica Lei min


Puccini, il grande musicista italiano,

Per la giornata di sole] - Opera [Madama Butterfly]

Comment on Chinese woman singer, poet, composer, and music teacher Lei Min,


Great Italy musician Puccini,

[Sunny day]--Opera [Butterfly],

Madame Butterfly-qiaoqiao sang songs

Cheering songs like Kunpeng,

That the ancient Chinese philosopher, thinker Chuang Tzu,

Described that Kunpeng, suddenly vibrating wings

90,000 mile on the flew

In high altitude,

Ocean caused 3,000 mile

Huge waves,

Played by Lei Min successful Japan Women, Madame Butterfly-qiaoqiao sang

Madame Butterfly-qiaoqiao sang songs,

Chinese singing great Italy musician Puccini,

[Sunny Day] singing,

At this time, suddenly our hearts,
Promoted to a happy Unlimited 90,000 mile altitude,

Let our hearts Lake
Set off happy 3,000 mile

Huge waves,


When that great Italy musician Puccini,

Creating great, beautiful and exciting music sun [Sunny Day]

Bright, barbed eye music of the Sun,

By Chinese singer Lei Min,

Express this time,Expressed this time

Our blood vessels suddenly was burning, flame,

This happy, seeming to burst our the chest,

To be continued

By the Chinese composer, music critic, and poet Fengwenshu comments
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Forum Home » Love and Romance » Commenting China,s Lei Min sang Puccini[Butterfly

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