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Post here if you're new to receiving a critique and you want "gentle" feedback on your poem. Constructive criticism only. PLEASE Only Post One Poem a Day!!!
10/24/2012 1:10:06 AM

Schuyler Johnson
Posts: 17
Many wants and desires I hold;
few dollar bills I've got, truth be told.
Inventory I take to peer at my assets;
have I what is needed to make those bets?
Seems time is at an excess;
and the internet is at my access.
Search the web, found some money adorning spots;
option to bid or sell my what nots.
Ask myself what exactly is it that I tout?
wisdom and inginuity I can bear to hand out!
Typing and surfing I sit at my screen;
I've become a home working machine.
Spend my days emailing, surveying and I-net shopping to get paid;
this ain't so bad, not as I was afraid.
Clickity clack, this board ends in another payout;
my wallet is getting mighty stout.
Last stop on this nite?
why its to advertise my very own website.

...then again, Ive been known to fib ;') http://skykingentertainment.net
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