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New to PoetrySoup? Introduce yourself here. Tell us something about yourself.
10/10/2012 7:54:15 PM

Robert Jerore
Posts: 3
Hello: I am recent to this website. After searching many other avenues to display some of my creative writing, I found PoetrySoup.com by chance.

I enjoy writing poetry and short stories, as well as (pyrography; wood burning), carving, and using computer graphic software to illustrate antique and classic autos. At 79 years of age, I have yet to find a rocking chair that fits me. I regret I do not have a Website of my own, to display some of my otherwork.

I want to take this moment to thank other artists who have read some of my work, and I will make a concerted effort to read and make compliment on the writings of others.

One last comment... writing is very therapeutic. Writers are able to express themselves freely and more deeply in written form, than they are able while speaking with others. Write what you know, and research that which you are not certain of. Be certain to use Spellcheck and Thesaurus to your advantage. You will find writing is who you are, or it will help you become who you want to be.

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