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8/21/2012 10:33:07 AM

femi joey oloidi
Posts: 13

There was a dreadlocks Jah man
called Dennis
He changed his name to Ratty

He never takes the same paths with cops, nor need their help,
because he knew how to plant and sell his weed crops successfully well

He hardly moved with his mates,
because he is always high in faith

He never liked having his bath,
because he hates feeling slippery like a sweating bat

He didn't know maths,
but he always sat and frat in his mat,
while he smoked down jumbo marijuana with his fat pocket friends

He didn't know how to play long tennis,
but he had a very long penis

And the Genesis of his love, started with a white girl,
called Jennis,

He admired her so dearly,
because of her skimpy outfit
and she also knew how to play long tennis sexy well

But she always ran far from him,
because she only knew how to play with short penis
and she is a semi-virgin,
who doesn't want a man with such long penis, which was almost the size of her long tennis bat,
to travel up north, through her virgin Atlantic private part

So she hid and ran continuously,
in order not to get ugly drilled by a long tennis bat

This is the story of Ratty, the cannabis preacher…
edited by king femi on 8/21/2012
edited by king femi on 8/21/2012
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Forum Home » High Critique » my first cannnabis poem, ever!!!pls veiw

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