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For poets who want unrestricted constructive criticism. This is NOT a vanity workshop. If you do not want your poem seriously critiqued, do not post here. Constructive criticism only. PLEASE Only Post One Poem a Day!!!
8/5/2012 2:14:57 PM

Sharon Morken
Posts: 133
What Would I do?

An anger inside,

Wish I could burn you alive,

Out of my control,

Watch as parts of me unfold,

If I find you,

What, what would I do?

If you were here in front of me,

What would I say or do,

This burning furry, my lips sealed,

Punch you girl why?

Never did look you in the eye,

Explain to you why you make me cry,

My wicked step mom,

Your mad at me but I did nothing wrong,

Kissing your feet,

Wish I could push delete,

Erase every apology

Left with no material for an anthology

Insecurities were transparent,

You cast a spell on my parent,

Spellbound, he made you number one,

You beat his first born son,

He had to chose between us or you,

Boy did we sure loose...

On the flip side,

Not sure why I gripe,

It's obvious he's not worth my time,

And you? Well, you're not worth a dime.

Thinking of you makes me bipolar,

You've cause a lot of stress,

Put me at my worst when I was at my best,

If laws of nature didn't apply,

I'd find a chair, tie you up, leave you to die.

That's not me..so for a few minutes I'll cry

Then I'll move on and play outside
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