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For poets who want unrestricted constructive criticism. This is NOT a vanity workshop. If you do not want your poem seriously critiqued, do not post here. Constructive criticism only. PLEASE Only Post One Poem a Day!!!
7/22/2012 2:17:48 PM

Sharon Morken
Posts: 133
This is the Cannibus song,
they've turned something good.
made is seem wrong,

It's illegal why?
Come on politics,
don't be shy

So many uses for this wonder drug,
Wonderful for clothing and sometimesrugs,
Fords model T car was built from hemp-the very best,
Mayflower sails were too they passedthe test,
1619 Jamestown settlers had to grow thecrop,
It's absorbent fibers make the bestcleaning mop.
clothing more solid and sturdy,
Eco-friendly for the fish and birdies,
replenishes soil with nutrients it oncedropped,
known as the most efficient rotationalcrop,
artists for many years used the oil aspaint,
use hemp money to pay for that date,
hemp oil could end the gas crisis,
**** off Shell, Chevron, they don'tlike surprises,
Lets not forget the physical effects,
One of the best ways to let your bodyrest,
ointments for sore muscles and lotionsfor skin,
once it's ingested, ooh feels like awonderful sin,
The many Cannabinoids help with cancer,
better than chemo not guaranteed to endthe disaster,
Certain strains provide mellow forthose with epilepsy,
imagine being the kid who just cantsleep,
take a dose once or twice a day,
they now see the sun's shiny rays,
Cant leave out the repair of braincells,
the ones that alcohol beats up thenbails

Why is it illegal you ask?
Politics wear the greatest masks,
Constantly paid off by corporateinterests,
Wanted monopolies to bring them pocketbook bliss,
Pharmaceuticals, DuPont, Randal Hearst,now Alcohol,
Couldn't stand the competition this“drug” brings at all,
To ensure the public wouldn't beinformed,
Made GOV medical testing illegal andprovided propaganda porn

So many other details,
but this must end sometime.
For some great information on cannabis
visit the http://NORML.org website
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8/4/2012 12:49:31 AM

femi joey oloidi
Posts: 13
Hahah! I'm high already, can it also heal HIV? Lol. I have a friend,he love's cannabis so much, that he named his first son, Cannabi Obi. Always, nice work!
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8/5/2012 2:18:46 PM

Sharon Morken
Posts: 133
Haaaha, you made me laugh)) That's awesome!
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8/9/2012 9:29:28 PM

Frederick Lokko
Posts: 1
luv it stating all the good side effects of cannabis......... Nice one
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8/11/2012 4:08:26 AM

Truely enjoyed it HaHaHaHa so true so tru
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