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7/14/2012 10:06:25 AM

Posses me

I crave you.
Under my skin,
in my heart,
pull me apart.
Let loose your fire,
teach me desire.
Like horse's hooves,
trample me with passion.
Let your lips
whisper to my body,
find my imperfection
and lick it away.
Your hands slide
mold me like clay.
Your whisper’s resounding.
My heart’s pounding,
a wild beast
clawing out of my chest.
I can’t breathe,
Can’t rest.
We dance and sing
with twists and groans,
we drown in moans.
Your fingers glide
like hot snow
pricking my skin.
Letting you in
must be a sin.
I pant and sigh.
You’ve left me high
By day, a peasant,
tonight your queen.
Our love a storm
somehow serene.
Together we ride
waves of the night.
A carnal miracle
that feels so right.
This moment. Fleeting,
so hold me,
caress me.
Don’t let go.
Just be mine and
Posses me.
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