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5/22/2018 12:35:18 PM
My Friend, My Husband, My Soul Mate

bonnie dodd
Posts: 6
My Friend, My Husband, My Soul Mate
startMy Friend, My Husband, My Soul Mate From our very first blind dateI knew you were my soul mate,Then a year had past and we were wed,after 35 years you are no longer next to me in our bed.We both didn’t know that I would be a widow,“To death do us part” was only figurative.our love was young and we just begun to live, We shared hopes and dreamsand accomplished everything no matter how extreme.Then I found I must again say goodbyewith my already broken heart,I watch one by one my family depart.Your last day I laid with you and listened to your heart beat,I hope you know how that made me feel so complete.Holding you close as you took your last breath,I fear I cannot handle another death.I can barely stand that we must be apart,and hold you both so close in my heart.When I start to feel all aloneI close my eyes and listen to your last message on my phone,I hear your soft voice once again say you love me very much,I realize I’ll never again fell your gentle touch.Then I forget to hang up before I here you say good-bye,for that part always makes me cry.I must now learn to live my life without you guys in it,please give me courage and remind me you are with me in spirit.One day we will be together again,but for now, I’ll stay here to be with our other children.I know you are with our daughter Amy Sue,so Please give her a kiss and hug from me too.Until we meet again, love you forever and a day Your Friend, Your Wife, Your Soul Mate endCopyright © bonnie dodd | Year Posted 2018
edited by bonnie15150 on 5/22/2018
5/21/2018 11:39:29 PM
Greetings Soupers

Broken Wings
Posts: 21
I used to think the same way, but since learning forms I find that I enjoy the skill involved of putting emotion into a strict guide line... I think of them as putting a puzzle together, this is the skill of a writer. When I want freedom, I do a free verse. poem. There are many forms that are not that restrictive.
5/21/2018 11:35:14 PM
Bula Vinaka soupers

Broken Wings
Posts: 21
That's exactly how I started writing as a little girl, my grandma gave me a journal and pen and told me to write down my sadness, so I did and those words became poems in time. Poetry Soup is a great place to learn forms of poetry and to get inspiration from reading poems and from entering contest. I hope you enjoy the journey.
5/21/2018 9:08:19 PM
Bula Vinaka soupers

Ulamila Tinadrua
Posts: 1
I am from the beautiful and friendly island of Fiji. Poetry has always been my passion since I was a little girl. I like reading poems of all kinds and relate them to our everyday lives. Sometimes, I try wrriting my own pieces and saving them in my computer. Everyday is always a brand new day, faced with a lot of challenges in life and poetry has enabled me to overcome all my pains, sorrows, frustrations, happiness and even anger. You may ask how? Well, I simply write down how I feel in a piece of paper and put them down in poems. I believe this forum will boost me in writing more poems and learn from the best poets in the forum.

Vinaka vakalevu
5/20/2018 12:17:44 PM
What could've been

Lucia Siwela
Posts: 2
You took away the only memories I had of what it felt like to be in love
You stole the only proof I had of knowing how it felt like to have love taken away from me so violently
You ripped my heart out and robbed me of the chance to share how it was like to be happy.
I'm left with an empty dream of how it would have been like.
5/18/2018 2:32:39 PM

levi johnson
Posts: 13
Question for You

Do you feel subtly disconnected
Not yourself or somebody rare?
Do you want to escape this reality
Of dos and don’ts and affairs?

Do you wish to be wonderfully wealthy
Not toiling or taking or game?
Do you hunger for a genius mind
Rather than slave to dogmas of fame?

Do you view society as scheming
Not fair or equal or of trust?
Do you crave unconditional love
Rather than revolving door lust?

Do you long to live in human time
Not the clock or sun or moon?
Do you dream to evolve in a sphere
Rather than hide in a pleasant cocoon?
5/18/2018 9:21:17 AM

Wayne Riley
Posts: 2
With each storm brings a new emptiness.
A wave of despair that can blind even the brightest light.

For the moment the truce holds with the beast.

But how much longer will it resist the flesh?

And the madness will once again course through the veins.

Like a whores kiss its sting will burn for eternity.

And the mockingbird will sing to the heavens

But the gods will do nothing.And somewhere

The sunset will set.The snow will fall.

And the race will be run.And the message will be lost in the words.

Those who cannot accept loneliness

Can never accept death.

Yet the search goes on,

Desperate and unstoppable

Towards a futureless future.

And the fear of change stifles the mind into a partial suicide

That the body can neither fight for nor rage against.





There is always a way

And there is always a choice.
edited by Wayne Riley on 5/18/2018
5/18/2018 7:51:35 AM
Greetings Soupers

Posts: 1
Very busy enjoying my freedom called,"Any way of writing a poem." Trying to serve the purpose of communicating through poetry much as I enjoy what I call my own. Not being tied down to form is worth noting since it only deprives a poet of his/her poetic freedom. Writing as if the art of poetry is being innovated by you today is the best poetic art to enjoy. Hey, adapting your poem to existing forms denies you a bit of creativity since much of your time is consumed by the process of conformity.
5/18/2018 4:46:59 AM

Lucia Siwela
Posts: 2
Starring into nothingness
Overwhelmed by confusion
Emptyness so terrifying
Thoughts wondering through the darkness
Emotions scattered everywhere
Shadows peeping for some light
I'm captured in my own thoughts
Imprisoned by ever-changing emotions
So much happening all at once
But nothing makes sense
How do I escape such darkness
edited by siwelaluu on 5/18/2018
5/17/2018 8:55:23 PM
My Lilacs

Jenefer Venezia
Posts: 3
Thank you. I went in and fixed it!
5/17/2018 8:54:40 PM
My Lilacs

Jenefer Venezia
Posts: 3
constance_ wrote:
A very pretty poem... just to let you know there is a small typo on the first line of the second verse, you missed a space
5/16/2018 10:58:42 AM
no form

Broken Wings
Posts: 21
these can be entered as Free Verse --which can rhyme or not, free verse is just a rambling poem of thoughts, you can write one long rambling thing or divide it in verses, no need to be the same line length, for example one could be 3 lines, the next 5, the next 10 etc etc. I like my free verse with fragmented line lengths of short and long, or open end thoughts... throw in a few metaphors, can have punctuation or not. When entering a contest just make sure free verse can be used, many will specify Free Verse or say Any Form, you have to read the contest description to find out. Hope this helps. I do not claim to be an expert of free verse,( or any form,) this is just my opinion and I have won many a free verse contest on this site using this method.
edited by constance_ on 5/16/2018
edited by constance_ on 5/16/2018
5/16/2018 10:48:04 AM
My Lilacs

Broken Wings
Posts: 21
A very pretty poem... just to let you know there is a small typo on the first line of the second verse, you missed a space
5/16/2018 10:45:50 AM
Greetings From Mich

Broken Wings
Posts: 21
To get people to read your poems it is really simple..

you must read other poets poetry, the more you read and comment the more comments you will receive. Hope this helps
5/16/2018 10:42:51 AM
Greetings From Mich

Broken Wings
Posts: 21
I will talk to you about how to enter a contest and win...

First, find a contest you are interested in from the list of contests available

Click on the contest title and READ the contest description from top to bottom, each one is different and you must follow the rules, perhaps write them down.

contact the contest sponsor by soup mail if you are unsure of what is wanted

write your poem, post it, then go back to the contest and press enter,

find your poem on the list of poems that will come up and press enter when the one you want scrolls by. Then, you wait... to see if you place. Enter, enter contests, that is how you will learn new forms, and ways of writing. Hope this helps
5/16/2018 7:48:04 AM
My Lilacs

Jenefer Venezia
Posts: 3
I love my lilacs
A sign of life that blooms
A tear to my eye, oh their fragrance
Cone-shaped petals of lavender and white
They forever grow in my heart.

I pick and pick at them until they grow so high
I can’t make contact
They stop growing
I can’t reach or
Arrange them into beautiful bouquets or
Enjoy their sweet scent.
Oh, but I love my lilacs.

I now enjoy them from afar.
I can no longer display them.
If you stand real still and close your eyes you can catch their perfume
When the wind blows north
Their beauty barely within reach
I will always love them.

I have learned
With proper pruning
My lilacs would still be in reach,
Their beauty for all to see
Their fragrance for all to enjoy
Their magnificence filling my world.
Dandelions don’t tell no lies. Lilacs do.
edited by Jenefer L Venezia on 5/17/2018
5/14/2018 3:30:18 AM
Greetings From Mich

Oyediran Adedotun
Posts: 1
Hi Soupers,am Micheal From Nigeria though Have Been Here Since Last Years But I Dont Know Much About This Site Like How To Enter Into Contest,How To Win A Contest And How To Make My Poems Visible For Member To View Easily..So If You Can Help With That...You Can Also Read My Poems:My Rainbow,days Of Abscence,for My Love And Oh Death(still Working On This)...Thanks
5/13/2018 6:20:03 AM
no form

keith osborne
Posts: 44
The first rule of poetry is.....there are no rules. Sure there are countless forms (within which there are rules), but ultimately it's about expression. I have read your 5 and found 5 poems that obviously comes fromyour heart.Do NOT get caught up in what some of the pompous "know-it-alls" on this site might say about "fixing" your poetry. NO ONE here is a professional. I'm not saying that there aren't some on here htat will give solid advice. Just be wary of who'sadvice you take and how it affects the true meaning of your work. I guess what I am trying to say is...don't compromise the integrity of your work to please someone else. Unfortunately rhyme is not very well respected (I know, it's the majority of what I write), but I would notlet that deter you from writing what you feel - in whateveer form you are most comfortable with. Just write m'lady.
5/11/2018 3:46:09 PM
Lengthy POems

Jerry Hackett
Posts: 4
How do I insert a Poem that is too long for the current posting capability?
5/11/2018 11:47:31 AM

Wendy Nipas
Posts: 10
As the night is creeping in
The clouds slowly make way
For what will steal away our gaze
A marvelous display!
The beauty of it stops your breath
You’ll be gaping with delight
When you see the feast up in the skies
Dazzling stars all shining bright
Count them, I dare you to try
When you’d think that you were done
You’ll be surprised each time again
To spot yet another one
There they are the big, the small
Their flickering is amazing
You won’t remember, not at all
How long you have been gazing
Like diamonds on a velvet cloth
Arranged with care it seems
’Cause each of them has ample space
So their splendor freely beams
It’s like they know they can’t be reached
As they fearlessly stay in place
It’s as if we stand behind the glass
Staring at treasures in a case
But even though they’re out of reach
Still they leave us all in awe
Ask anyone and they’ll testify
About the spectacle they saw.

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