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12/1/2021 4:41:25 AM
Amateur poet posts first poem online

Agness Williams
Posts: 1
Great work! In fact, anamazing event happened! I have already read a review of this poem.And I really liked it! Apparently this is a talent, since there werepeople who appreciated your work and even wrote a review. Perfectly!
12/1/2021 4:04:17 AM

sam mark
Posts: 1
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11/30/2021 11:56:17 PM
Looking poetically

Jack Forlan
Posts: 3
gcalabrese wrote:
For years I've been trying to find a poem that was read at a wedding.

The poem was about columns holding up a building. each independent but much stronger together holding up the building.

Another is about aging...where inone part the person was standing in front of a refrigerator but couldn't rememberif it was to take something out or put something back into the fridge..

Any help finding these would be greatly appreciated.


Here some topic with poem about columns.

Try to check it.
11/30/2021 11:50:21 PM
Talking about poetry

Jack Forlan
Posts: 3
geraldine.brag wrote:
Hello! I hope you all doing well)
I see here a lot of talented writers, and I am only on the start of my way) Can you, guys share your experience? How did you start? And what or who was your muse?)

The main thing is to start
11/30/2021 4:08:49 PM
Critique my poem please

Twelve Twelve
Posts: 15
I think this is beautiful, the new coming from the old. The only critique I have (others more skilled will likely provide more) is that using "There's" seems forced to comply with the syllable count. Can you rework that first sentence, maybe starting with Crimson?? (Ditto for "They're" later on.) Else, this is beautiful.
11/30/2021 11:26:36 AM
Critique my poem please

Davis Mills
Posts: 1
I'm not scared of harsh language. Be genuine please.

November Woods

There's crimson on the trees,

And gold against the blue.

Clouds float across the sky,

Above the colored roof.

The green still hangs on pines,

Though winter pulls leaves down.

Trample them, stamp on them,

Walking about the town.

The winter hinted air,

And vibrant foliage,

Makes me look in wonder,

At what's on forest's edge:

The leaves are the color,

Of the flame deep within.

Burning through the forest,

Of trees with sorrel skin.

The lovely leaves linger,

Only for a while.

Lasting only as long,

As my little smiles.

The light shines down on them,

And me as well, it seems,

Making our colors true,

As though it were a dream.

The amber leaves fall down,

Around me as I walk.

They're forced to decompose.

Their beauty makes them rot.

And rot they will slowly,

Beneath their sires old,

And feed them by their roots,

Now hither is the cold.

But leaves will spring anew,

In many, many days.

I loathe for them to go,

And loathe for their delays.


I know they will return,

And paint the skies again,

With their carmine fires,

And flaxen gold lament.
11/29/2021 7:55:06 PM
Kinda stuck, idk what's on her mind.

Ultimate Spectator
Posts: 4
Twelve+twelve maybe your mensa score, or you too joyous after clearing grade 12, I don't know buddy but your talents best suited for emo talks with bunch of your old groupies in community park, that may strike few things off your checklist.

Opinions are welcomed but judgements are not. I exemplify my name this is not a moniker I'm pulling, this is as real as my reflection ,this is a quiet reticent reserved person who has been a spectator for a good part of his life, now I want to change and this girl represents and personifies all my opportunities that seem to be flying away, and I need to save myself from fading into oblivion. In all honesty only my first post was heartfelt I was feeling pretty low and wrote it staring at a blue wall, rest two were pun intended. I maybe misunderstanding you completely but your take hurt me awkwardly, maybe this is how reality hits ,it hits directly on your sweet spot and realization comes later.

Anyways elated to inform you I am on right track getting my life in order, getting myself out of the muddy affairs and not messing up anymore.

After a long time I felt this joyous writing to someone, I feel as if someone checked on me if I was ok.

Thanks for your concern my friend.
11/27/2021 2:53:57 AM
Slabs (First poem)

Eduardo Richardson
Posts: 65
I read your poem and I liked it very much. You really don't notice that you wrote it for the first time. I really liked the style of writing and the form in which you presented your thoughts.
11/26/2021 10:52:57 AM
Slabs (First poem)

Emily Adair
Posts: 1
Hi I've been tentatively thinking about dipping my toe into poetry for a while, but this one just sort of fell out of me. I would appreciate some honest feedback.


I write in slabs.

Grey. Square. Stone.

They work so well.

Work as they’re meant to

Side by side. Line them up in rows.

Two by two. Four by Four. Eight by eight.

My words multiply and bloom, and something spills within them.

Tumbling from fingers, cascading out towards shining azure sky.

A saffron flower curling verdant through the cracks.

An accident of sunlight and rain.

And they see it. I see it.

I hate it. Cut it out. No good.

Pull up the weed.

Nice try weed. But not now.

No more of that.

More slabs.
11/26/2021 12:49:37 AM
I'm a student who loves Haikus and started writing

Will Rock
Posts: 1
Wonderful! I am a great haiku connoisseur. Can you share your successes? Very interesting to see.
11/25/2021 11:42:24 PM
Has anyone ever seen this poem?

Posts: 1
11/25/2021 9:36:54 AM
Stones of Death

Twelve Twelve
Posts: 15
E83N wrote:
A field of stonebeneath the ominous grey clouds
passing in themoon's light, partially illuminating the silent stones
stone rows standingsteadfast like midnight sentries
A black cat brushesagainst a decrepit tombstone
towering over thecrypts the stones cast twilight shadows
The corpses belowlay as cold and stiff as stone
The stone standsdeathless against the test of time
ghosts drifteffortlessly through a maze of stone
The last of theirlives marked by perfectly shaped stone

I like the mood of the poem. One suggestion --

* Is there a particular reason that you have the word stone in every line rather than letting the reader's mind go there? IOW, would the poem be stronger if you wrote something like this:

A field of stone beneath the ominous grey clouds
passing in the moon's light, partially illuminating the silent [stones] {sentries}

A black cat brushes against [a decrepit tombstone] {the marker of one long forgotten}

Overall, though, this is excellent and evocative.

edited by Twelve on 11/25/2021
11/25/2021 9:27:10 AM
Kinda stuck, idk what's on her mind.

Twelve Twelve
Posts: 15
If you felt deeply enough to post this, you might have actually typed it out rather than using text speech. Additionally, I don't see the "due respect" in your message; certainly not when you are unable to find adjectives and verbs that begin with other letters than F. You might do better on Quora or Buzzfeed.
11/25/2021 9:20:18 AM
Has anyone ever seen this poem?

Twelve Twelve
Posts: 15
Eduardo Richardson wrote:
I don't know the author of this verse, but the style is very similar to the early works of Joseph Brodsky. Look at his poems, records, maybe it belongs to him.

Similar syntax, but Brodsky was a devout man and likely wouldn't have written something so blasphemous.
11/25/2021 2:50:00 AM

Eduardo Richardson
Posts: 65
it became clearer to me now. thank you!
11/23/2021 11:12:24 PM

Eduardo Richardson
Posts: 65
Great verse, nice and comfortable storytelling. Some melancholy is felt in your poem.
11/23/2021 7:30:31 AM
Formatting a sonnet on a card

Jennifer Ortega
Posts: 8
This is actually the kind of information I have been trying to find. Thank you for sharing this information.
11/22/2021 11:20:54 PM
Has anyone ever seen this poem?

Eduardo Richardson
Posts: 65
I don't know the author of this verse, but the style is very similar to the early works of Joseph Brodsky. Look at his poems, records, maybe it belongs to him.
edited by Eduardo Richardson on 11/29/2021
11/22/2021 7:32:16 AM
Has anyone ever seen this poem?

Posts: 1
Thanks for the information!
11/22/2021 4:27:15 AM
Poll Question: Featured Poetic Forms...

Jennifer Ortega
Posts: 8
I wanted to thank you for this great information!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and also bookmarked to check out new information in your post.

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