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Question, Should Poetry Be Taught As A Major Subject At Our Schools? - Robert Lindley's Blog

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My biography will be very limited for now.   Here , I can express myself in poetic form but in real life I much rather prefer to be far less forward  I am a 60 year old American citizen , born and raised in the glorious South! A heritage that I am very proud of and thank God for as it is a blessing indeed ~

Currently married to my beautiful young wife(Riza) a lovely filipina  lady and we have a fantastic 7 year old son, Justin ~

I have truly lived a very wild life as a younger man but now find myself finally very happily settled down for the duration of my life~

I decided to rest here and express myself with hopes that it may in some way help others, for I see here a very diverse  and fine gathering of poets, artists, and caring folks~

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Question, Should Poetry Be Taught As A Major Subject At Our Schools?

Blog Posted:2/26/2020 5:13:00 AM

If poetry is a passion, a love , a hobby, a way of expressing
more, a much needed way of expressing deeper ones inner 
thoughts/dreams and our emotions, then should it be deemed to
to be an important subject to teach our children in school.
If you are nodding in the affirmative, ask yourself why..>>
Which is a question I have long pondered. Here in America--
poetry is rarely ever covered as a subject to the lower grades
and scarcely ever touched even in high school...
Yet many of us see and know this is a gross mistake in that
poetry is more than just beautiful art--it teaches so many
positive lessons and additionally soothes both heart and the
Question is-- why is poetry not taught to our children at
school-- if you think it should be- at what grade level
should such a important subject first be taught?

Below is a link given and an excerpt from a great article
that partially addresses this very important question on
why in America is not poetry a major subject taught to
our children?  -Robert J. Lindley 2-26-2020>>>


From article: 
 Reasons for Poetry
Reasons for Poetry

The Mexican poet José Emilio Pacheco, in a poem called "Dissertation on Poetic Propriety," asks for "a new definition. . . a name, some term or other. . . to avoid the astonishment and rages of those who say, so reasonably, looking at a poem: 'Now this is not poetry.'" I too want to argue for a broader definition of poetry, a definition which will increase our sense of the multitudes that poetry contains. For those of us who care about poetry in this time of widely diverging definitions are apt to be consciously limited in our tastes and churlish in our distastes. We often have more precise ideas, based on these distastes, about what poetry is not than about what it is.

If I cannot come up with the new definition Pacheco asks for, what I say is at least intended to turn aside the easy negative response in myself and in others to poems which are not immediately congenial. For whenever we say, "Now this is not poetry," we are adding to the disuse of all poetry.

Perhaps the most useful definition, in fact, would begin with a statement about expectation: the expectation with which a reader engages a poem, and the reasons for which a poet may have undertaken the poem, and the possible discrepancy between these two. We have all had the experience of fighting a work of art because it was not doing what we were asking of it. John Ashbery said in an interview: "My feeling is that a poem that communicates something that's already known to the reader is not really communicating anything to him and in fact shows a lack of respect for him." Since what is communicated in a work of art is also how it is communicated, a false expectation is almost certain to produce a false reading. And often we confirm this by the happy surprise that comes when a work we had been defeated by suddenly opens itself to us—we find that it performs very well the job of work which was its reason, once we stop asking it to perform some other service which was no part of its intention.

A word here about liking a poem. This should of course be our primary objective and motive. But to like is a function of the critical intelligence, as this passage by W. H. Auden makes clear:

As readers, we remain in the nursery stage as long as we
cannot distinguish between taste and judgment, so long,
that is, as the only possible verdicts we can pass on a
book are two: this I like, this I don't like.

He goes on with the lovely, schoolmasterly, and abashing accuracy of an Audenism:

For an adult reader, the possible verdicts are five; I can see
this is good and I like it; I can see this is good but I don't
like it; I can see this is good and, though at present I don't
like it, I believe that with perseverance I shall come to like
it; I can see this is trash but I like it; I can see this is trash
and I don't like it.

My argument is that we should use the third option as often as possible, when the first response is not spontaneous with us. When we can't say of a poem, especially of a poem that comes recommended, "I can see this is good and I like it," we owe it to ourselves and the poem to try to say, "I can see this is good, and though at present I don't like it, I believe that with perseverance, et cetera."

Poems seem to come into being for various and distinct reasons. These vary from poem to poem and from poet to poet. The reason for a poem is apt to be one of the revelations attendant on its making. No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader, Frost said. The reason for a new poem is, in some essential, a new reason. This is why poets, in the large Greek sense of makers, are crucial to a culture. They respond newly, but in the familiar tribal experience of language, to what new thing befalls the tribe. I shall have some comments to make here about three generic reasons for which poems seem to come into being, but even within these genera, the occasion of a poem is always a new thing under the sun.

And poets don't respond as one, they respond in character, with various intuition, to the new experience. What each maker makes is poetry, but why he makes it, his reason, is his unique intuition. The reason determines the proper mode of apprehension. It is part of,,,,,,,

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Date: 2/28/2020 8:17:00 PM
I was blessed to go to a very prestigious prep school where poetry was taught by a Rhodes Scholar who had also taught at Oxford and Cambridge, (and his sub was the football coach, who also loved poetry), and back then it was mandatory. I was raised since a baby with it in my home, and while I never took WRITING it seriously until a couple of years ago, it has always been part of the fabric of my life, and I'm thankful. The rich history of our language is as much about poetry as anything else, and I am distressed to hear it's not still required. Great blog, Sir Roberto, and some wonderful input! Blessings!
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/28/2020 10:16:00 PM
You my friend were thus immensely blessed. So many of us were subject to ridicule as teenagers if we read, write or ever dared to quote poetry. Yet some of us- were brave enough to do so despite such intense peer pressures exerted. Myself, I was lucky to have been taught boxing starting at age 5 and continuing by my older brother into my late teens. Thus fewer assailed me with such infantile ridicule. I can not imagine my life being without my embrace of poetry at a very early age. As these many decades later-- reading and writing poetry is truly a godsend to me. Thanks for commenting. God bless..
Date: 2/27/2020 4:08:00 PM
You have raised a very important issue with different angles, Robert.. my comment could not cover them all or give due importance.. I have been teaching poetry not as a main subject but rather in a very few lessons (attitudes / creative minds) Rudyard Kipling IF, Wordsworth The Daffodils.. or as an assignment, how to write Acrostics, Limericks, Haiku, Cinquain.. it helps a lot acquiring the techniques and process of writing.. But the problem here is that most of students do not appreciate the beauty and depth of poetry (especially in English language as it a foreign language for us in Tunisia).. I'm of the opinion that Poetry should be taught not only as a literary genre but as rich lore.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 4:53:00 PM
Thank you my friend. You bring up an very interesting point in poetry being taught as rich lore. For that it truly is... Once read deeply and the golden poets covered one gets to see the depth of truth it that thought, that insight. Great to find that you not only write very fine poetry but teach it as well. God bless..
Date: 2/27/2020 5:48:00 AM
I would say poetry should be offered as an elective at the high school level. I think the main reason that poetry is not taught more, or focused more, in our schools, is because the average person has little to no interest in it.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:58:00 AM
Thank you my friend. Lower grades simple instruction level, primarily aiming at making it fun to study learn and compose- at high school level offered as an elective course- and not do so as standard method of teaching-- like say math is done. ACTUALLY MAKE IT FUN AND TRUE TO ITS HISTORY/FOUNDATION/PURPOSE.. God bless...
Date: 2/27/2020 3:28:00 AM
The problem I have with poetry is the word 'poetry' itself, yet I have difficulty articulating as to exactly why that is. Perhaps it's the negative connotations I associate with learning poetry during the '70s at High School. It ranged from the downright contempt for the subject that appeared to be shared by a majority of my peers in the early years (there was almost pressure not to like poetry in order to 'fit in') to the extreme importance placed upon examination of text, style and rationale over the simple true appreciation at 'A' Level. In those earlier years at High School, an appreciation for song lyrics during lessons may have gone some way to break down certain barriers to learning.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:53:00 AM
Thank you my friend. Truth is poetry has infinite possibilities and its many levels and possibilities even more ways of affecting both the authors and the readers. You cited the bad rap it go in the 70's-- such is true but some benefited immensely from exposure to it. I know I did and my exposure was very limited... God bless...
Date: 2/27/2020 12:18:00 AM
Good point Robert. but depends on what one means by being taught., Yes the structures the forms of different poems, and many more aspects to the art, including reading of poems from those that have gone before...But one cannot be taught the in-depth soul and feelings or even the experiences one endures in life, many poets on here have questioned their own reasons for writing poetry, including myself.
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Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 2/27/2020 1:23:00 PM
Harry, good point. Maybe an appreciation of poetry more often comes with age when we have experienced life a little more. A young poetry student who has led a relatively sheltered life is in the privileged position that they can only imagine some of the feelings conjured!
Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:49:00 AM
Thank you my friend. You went right to the heart of it-- as it must be a course taught and promoted in a way far different from say- math or science. As creativity, and imagination should be paramount in its teaching and promoting and grading. Showing that each of us can tap into inspirations if we just give ourselves the chance to do so. God bless..
Date: 2/26/2020 11:26:00 PM
I believe it should be though I'm not sure how popular it would be. Though I think it would be a great outlet for some and would provide a unique insight into their thoughts. Perhaps it may even allow us to save those who suffer in silence and would rather speak to a blank page rather than another human. Just my two cents
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:46:00 AM
Thank you my friend. I agree , it would be positive step in so many ways. Would help so many children advance in so many ways. And definitely set a standard for many to want to learn and understand themselves , this world and others better.. God bless.
Date: 2/26/2020 9:21:00 PM
Thanks for this enlightening blog. As to teaching poetry in our schools, we do such here in the Philippines, since it is included in our curriculum. Personally, I first learned to communicate in English well when I was in the elementary grades through poem recitation. In high school, we were asked to recite some Shakespeare's sonnets. Now as a teacher, I use poetry to enliven our communication class; and what a joy to hear students recite poetic verses from the Bible, like Psalms 23 and 100. Likewise, I'm delighted to read and listen to my students' own poems. Indeed, I thank and praise God for the teaching of poetry to accomplish its purpose: to communicate heart's intents.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:44:00 AM
Thank you my friend. That you teach poetry in school is both a gift and a blessing. That you share with those very lucky kids is again a great benefit to them in a multitude of ways! God bless...
Date: 2/26/2020 2:58:00 PM
Knowing students as I do, I am sure they will react to it much like they do to having to take all the other classes they are "forced" to take. In my high school we had creative writing elective class. It was the best class I ever took of all the classes of my entire life. I learned the basics of rhyme and meter in grade school and I think it should have a place in elementary school as a part of their reading education. However, poetry cannot be forced and should only be an elective in high school. (I remember English Lit class; I was pretty much the only person enjoying that class when we studied poetry).
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 2/28/2020 10:09:00 AM
thanks, Robert.
Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:41:00 AM
Thank you my friend. Yet again I see a poet that was lucky to have classes in poetry in school. And yet again I see, how surely such advanced you to be able to gift us such beautiful poems here. Agree completely-- poetry should never be forced! God bless...
Date: 2/26/2020 2:09:00 PM
Robert, when I was in school, poetry was taught. A friend told me that I should post my poetry, after I began writing. That's when I found TheStarliteCafe. (I am so happy that I did) I think schools still teach it. :) Which a very good thing. :) Brandy
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:39:00 AM
Thank you my friend. Your friend gave you great advice imho. You benefit was having the extra knowledge from exposure in school. As is clearly evident on your fine poetry given us .. God bless...
Date: 2/26/2020 2:09:00 PM
A traditional reading of poetry as elevated exclusive rhetorical flourish/language/thought was pervasive in school. Rather, it's about expression of whole-environment insertion by an individual, not a dare-you-to guess-my-superior-intellect-on-display contest by smug, self-serving snobs. Free verse and other "modern verse" get bad raps as not being traditional rhyme and meter. Read BrandyLion or The Bard, or Chris Green, or Sandra Adams, or Charmaine Chircop, or Eileen Manassian, and tell them they aren't true poets.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:37:00 AM
Thank you my friend. You nailed it-- at my high school it was taught simply as a part of literature and not given as an entire subject. And yes most thought it was unmanly-- and ridiculed it. I did not care-- I wrote poetry- turned it in on every assignment where it would fit. God bless..
Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 2/27/2020 1:58:00 AM
I get it, your attention is needed elsewhere. But I hope if I send up the Bat signal sometime in the future the Dark Knight will answer the call.
Kingston  Avatar
Wayne Kingston
Date: 2/26/2020 9:12:00 PM
Teith, probably the seeds for a discussion: "What the Heck is Poetry, anyway?" I know many who can write prose with unimaginable poetic notes/tones. Perhaps you can lead this charge...I'm pretty much done with blogosphere.
Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 2/26/2020 4:55:00 PM
I don't think most traditionalists are disapproving of free verse or modern verse per se but at least make an effort in the clever use of language and device instead of the ubiquitous unpoetic prose. Any neophyte can write prose.
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 2/26/2020 2:10:00 PM
Awe, thank you Wayne. So sweet of you to say. :)
Date: 2/26/2020 8:24:00 AM
Yes it should and it is, younger ones start with nursery rhymes and for some unknown reason they have stayed with me all through my iife. There has been too many great men and women of literature through out time to mention but Shakespeare seems to top the list every time. Interesting blog Robert. Tom
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:34:00 AM
Thank you my friend. Yes the younger the better- I agree. Very simple format and structure at the pre- high school grades and advanced at high school level. God bless..
Date: 2/26/2020 6:51:00 AM
Poetry should be taught as part of literature at every age, in an age appropriate manner. Nursery rhymes build phonetic awareness which is a crucial pre-reading skill. High school is a time for more in depth analysis. But it needs to be taught right, so that students don't come to hate it. Many poetry haters have come to view poetry as an impossible puzzle whose goal is to guess what the author could have meant. Some contemporary poets have refused to be included in textbooks for this reason. I'd rather they don't teach poetry than ruin the enjoyment by the idiotic assignments that seem to be common. The main goal should be appreciation.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:33:00 AM
Thank you my friend. I also think at younger age and more advanced classes in high school. Being taught as it should be is key... As it was offered in the past in school -ir was too oft like reciting a drill and memorizing forms.. When creativity , imagination, heart and soul, of and in actual writing, should have been the guiding drive.
Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 2/26/2020 9:30:00 AM
Absolutely agree too Agnes. The poetry I was taught at school actively put me off poetry. What is taught should be engaging for teenagers. The most important thing after all is to foster a love of the art. The tearing apart of every impossible, depressing sentence ruined poetry for me.
Date: 2/26/2020 7:17:00 AM
There speaks the voice of reason BRAVO Agnes you have nailed it:-) hugs jan xx
Date: 2/26/2020 5:56:00 AM
It is part of the curriculum at the school I worked at on our island:-) hugs jan xx
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 2/27/2020 11:29:00 AM
Thank you my friend. Sad that poetry is not given a primary spot in American schools. As it should be taught and promoted by competent teaches that are also real poets themselves , imho.

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4/30/2020 Waterfalls And Nature's Flowing Gift Haikuart,beauty,creation,image
4/28/2020 In His Longings, She Goddess Truly Born Rhymeappreciation,art,dream,fa
4/27/2020 Begging Eternity, What True Love Brings Rhymeart,creation,dark,light,p
4/27/2020 Master Poe Swore With Raven He Had No More Ties, Dark doubles, Poe Tribute Rhymeart,creation,dark,imagina
4/25/2020 In That Magical Moment, Stars Align, Happiness Reigns Sonnetdeep,fate,heart,hope,imag
4/22/2020 When Spring, Its New Symphony One's Pleading Soul Hears Sonnetappreciation,beautiful,bl
4/21/2020 Diamonds And Dew Drops, O' Don't They Shine Rhymeappreciation,art,dark,lig
4/20/2020 O' What Dark Winds And Evil This Way Comes, Tribute To Master Poe Rhymedark,deep,evil,humanity,i
4/20/2020 What Of Humanity, Life And Happiness Lost, Sonnet Doubles Sonnetart,dark,deep,evil,symbol
4/20/2020 As Phoenix From Smoldering Ashes Rise Rhymeappreciation,art,deep,ima
4/19/2020 Within Stone, Writhing Silently To Step On Out, Sonnet Doubles Sonnetappreciation,art,creation
4/17/2020 As That Dawning Hour, In Her Journey She Knew She Was Too Late Narrativeappreciation,art,creation
4/14/2020 Beauty There, Sweeter Than Morn's Softest Calls Rhymeart,christian,creation,de
4/11/2020 As She Found A Way To Dearest Life Meet Rhymeappreciation,art,beauty,c
4/10/2020 When Light Penetrates The Fog Of Fear And Darkness Rhymecreation,dark,deep,destin
4/8/2020 Give Me The Chiming Of Morn's Sweetest Call, Words Of Hope And Nature's Beauty Sonnetbeauty,encouraging,hope,i
4/4/2020 She A Dream Raven, Ghost Of Ill Repute Rhymeappreciation,art,creation
4/1/2020 If Only Sonnetart,dark,death,deep,hope,
3/31/2020 Soothing Dream, Bathe Me In Her Light Rhymeappreciation,art,creation
3/27/2020 From Within Earth's Red Blooms, Love Quickly Flew Rhymeappreciation,art,inspirat
3/21/2020 I That Once Rose To Greet Dawn's Sweetest Voice Rhymeart,deep,encouraging,endu
3/20/2020 In This Time Of Looming Dark, Look To The True Light Rhymeart,creation,faith,spirit
3/16/2020 Dare We Oppose Darkness And Its Long Dagger Clawed Hands Rhymeart,creation,deep,heart,p
3/10/2020 Farewell, Youthful Days Of Wading In Crystal Clear Streams Sonnetart,beauty,creation,dedic
3/7/2020 Why A Poem Is More Than Ink On A Page Rhymeappreciation,art,humanity
3/5/2020 Honoring Master Poe, Darkened Verses That Saddest Of Truths Reveals Rhymeart,creation,dark,evil,hu
3/3/2020 Speak With Respect And Kindness As Your Guiding Light Rhymeappreciation,art,deep,enc
3/3/2020 The Longing Haikuappreciation,art,assonanc

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Fav Poems

MoUNTAIN DRoP Rhymedeath,depression,
Beauty Exposed Rhymelife,
Beautiful Day Free verseseasons,
What the Angels Whisper Free versegod,hope,youth,
Black Diamond Night Epicbody,death,history,lonely
If Walls Could Speak Narrativefeelings,for him,joy,toge
Spring on the Wind Rhymechange,nature,spring,
Crying River Balladbeautiful,cry,deep,freedo
Colours in our lives Rhymebeauty,color,
Daddy Free verseblue,dad,depression,fathe
Indian Ink Dramatic Verseabuse,autumn,death,deep,f
A New Bird Rhymebirth,
When Love Found Me Rhymeblessing,love,
Mist Song Rhymebeauty,music,nature,
Wild Love Narrativegarden,love,rose,sweet,
I Walk on Water Free verseintrospection,life,
The Blackberry and The Rose Personificationimagination
Strong Point Sonnetlove,
I Hate You All Light Versedark,death,philosophy,sad
So She Broke your Heart Free verseanalogy,betrayal,hope,lov
Fragment Trioletlight
The Perfect Painting Rhymeart,beauty,
Diamond in the Sky Sonnetstar,
In One Fell Swoop Free verselost love,
A Shade From The Past Sonnetart,nostalgia,people,
To a Despondent Friend Quatraindepression,
A Letter to Emily Dickinson Rhymepoetess,
White Lace Sonnetlife,seasons
Echoes in the Stone Epicadventure,death,hero,hist
The tree of life Rhymeage,child,death,mystery,t
Our little Haven Rhymecousin,fairy,fantasy,gree
Her Hidden Gem Rhymemother,voice,
Eyes of Blue Rhymefreedom,hero,memorial day
MY DAY IS COMING Rhymefriendship,journey,life,
SOMETIMES Rhymeblessing,thanks,
THE LORDS SWEET MORNING Rhymemusic,nature,
Letting Go Rhymeson,
What is Love Sonnetlove,
Releasing Me Sonnethappiness,peace,
As we walk hand in hand Rhymehappiness,how i feel,love
Angel Tears Light Verseangel,
Put Your Head on My Shoulder Light Versedance,romantic,
I Am The Mighty Mountain Personificationearth,mountains,
Death Blows a Hollow Horn Sonnetdeath,
Written in a Graveyard Sonnetdeath,
Invitation Rhymelost love,
His Song and Mine I do not know?bird,life,poems,prison,,L
In An Old Cathedral Rhymeloneliness,love,
Sweet Memories Rhymelost love,
Oak Rhymetree,
Contest Consternation Free versecommunity,poetry,words,
Write you OUT Free versegoodbye,how i feel,
Hey you Free verseanger,conflict,forgivenes
Aquarius Coupletimagery,water,
Mother's Garden Rhymeflower,garden,nature,
Neverland Narrativechildhood,nostalgia,place
The Ripping Free verseabuse,addiction,anger,ang
Stairway to the Stars Free versefarewell,kiss,
Midnight Poet Free verseaddiction,character,devot
A New Love Found Free verseinspirational,
Autumn's Gown Rhymecolor,inspiration,
Kresge's Five And Dime Stores Rhymenostalgia,
Intolerable Rhymeabuse,betrayal,racism,
Amidst the Fallen Petals Free verselonging,love,
The Evil Eye Rhymeevil,
My Fallen Brother Rhymeangst,brother,history,los
Eccentric Eyes Sonnetpain,
The Sowing Free versedevotion,
Wild pure and free love Free versebeautiful,love,romance,
Eccentricity In Love Sonnetlove,universe,
Bobcat Moon Rhymeautumn,friendship,loss,mo
The Clock it Mocks Free versebreak up,heartbroken,jeal
O The Grieving Free versedeath,funeral,grief,
Holding a wilting red rose Versedeath,mother,mothers day,
Heaven or Hell Free versedark,heaven,light,love,
Sunset Tableau Versepain,
Starstruck in your deep Beauty Free versebeautiful,beauty,flower,l
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Light Versesoldier,violence,war,
Ancient Warrior Iambic Pentameterangst,culture,native amer
Rain over Vietnam Quaternrain,war,
Long Distance Dreamer Light Versebeautiful,i miss you,long
Whilst walking through the woods Sonnetanimal,beauty,bird,nature
Why So Afraid Iambic Pentameterlove,
Church Quatrainblessing,change,devotion,
Outside Looking In Rhymecharacter,community,histo
Small Passerene Birds Rhymebeautiful,romantic,season
Autumn's Dreams Of A Country Road Rhymenature,seasons,
When Shadows Fall Rhymelife,music,nature,seasons
Tear Drops Free verseallegory,desire,devotion,
Star Gazer Free verseallegory,beauty,metaphor,
Conquer Rhymedepression,
Ragnarok: The Storm Epyllionweather,
That Still Small Voice Quatraingod,prayer,relationship,
The Black Dragon Free versecorruption,courage,hope,w
But I Must Stay Villanellesad,
When Bubbles Dissipate Tankabeautiful,beauty,i love y
December Magic Quintain (English)nature,
Approaching storm Rhymeweather,
To Him who Loves Me Sonnetlove,relationship,romanti
Yellow Shoes in the Darkness Quatrainme,metaphor,places,yellow

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